Multi-stakeholder Steering Group Members

Dr. Nikhil AGARWAL
India - CEO, Innovation Society, Government of Andhra Pradeshl (Government)

Dr Agarwal is involved in IGF since its formation. He has served as Chairman of ISOC Advisory Council from 2008-10 and High-level-Advisor to UNGAID from 2005-2011. He is pioneer member and ambassador of India & Middle East of World Entrepreneurship Forum (WEF). His work is extensively published around the world in leading newspaper and journals like Forbes, CNN Money, BBC Radio to name a few. Currently, he is serving as a senior government officer - CEO, Innovation Society, Government of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Professor Agarwal has lectured around the world on various issues of technology and society. He is graduate of University of Cambridge and University of Edinburgh in United Kingdom.

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Mr. AHM Bazlur Rahman - S21BR
Bangladesh - Chief Executive Officer, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication; Member Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (Civil Society)

AHM Bazlur Rahman-S21BR is Chief Executive Officer and founder Secretary of Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC). BNNRC is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) of the United Nations.

AHM Bazlur Rahman has more than 20 years experience in leveraging media and communication to create successful policy advocacy in Bangladesh in line with rural development.

Concerned with millions of people still deprived of basic needs and the benefits of Information and Communication Technology in Bangladesh, 2000 he founded Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) as a national networking body working for building a democratic society based on the principles of free flow of information, equitable & affordable access to Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) of remote & marginalized population. BNNRC is registered with NGO Affairs Bureau and Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Bangladesh and established in 2000 as per Article 19 charter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

From 1998 - 2010, he headed an advocacy group on behalf of Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) that pioneered the introduction of community radio in Bangladesh.

He graduated from University of Dhaka and Post graduated from Asian University of Bangladesh in the field of Social Science (MSS) in Government & Politics.

He has worked extensively in Bangladesh and South Asia on variety of action research projects in Development Communication, mostly focused on ICT for Development(ICT4D), Rural Journalism, e-Parliament, Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR) Community Broadcasting, Good Governance, Micro-Macro Level advocacy, Institution Building, Social Mobilization, Democracy Education, Transformation Process of International NGO to local NGO, Resource Mobilization, Communication for Development(C4D), Knowledge Management for Development (KM4D) with Bangladesh Development Society(BDS), Action Aid-Bangladesh and The Coastal Association for Social Transformation Trust(Coast Trust)

He has published several articles on Community Radio and co-author of Handbook on Community Radio for Good Governance and Development, Handbook on Airwaves Advocacy in Bangladesh and Policy Advocacy Plan for Community Radio in Bangladesh.

He currently member of Bangladesh Working Group on UN World Summit on the Information Society (UN WSIS) headed by Bangladesh Government, Community Radio Monitoring Committee of Ministry of Information, People's Republic of Bangladesh, founder member of Bangladesh UN Internet Governance Forum-headed by Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee for Ministry of Post and Telecommunication and Research Fellow, Center for e-Parliament Research.

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Mr. Shahzad AHMED
Pakistan - Country Director, Bytes for All (Civil Society)

Shahzad is the Country Director of Bytes for All, Pakistan. Bytes for All is a research think tank and human rights organization with a focus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for development, democracy and social justice. It experiments and organizes debate on the relevance of ICTs for sustainable development and strengthening human rights movements in the country. Shahzad’s focus of work includes ICT policy advocacy, Internet rights, privacy and freedom of expression online. Shahzad is a development communications expert, Diplo Fellow on Internet Governance, an Executive Board Member of the Association for Progressive Communications, Policy Advisory Board member of .PK ccTLD and a member of the International Advisory Board of Privacy International, UK Recently, he has been inducted as Cyber Steward at the Citizen Lab, University of Toronto. He is a master trainer on digital security, social media ethics and strategic use of technology for development communications. He regularly contributes to various publications and research studies around ICTs for Development, freedom of expression and gender related issues. Shahzad maintains a strong engagement with the broader civil society networks at national, regional and global levels and believes in inclusive participation and openness.

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Mr. Klée AIKEN
Australia - External Relations Manager, APNIC (Technical)

Klée Aiken is the External Relations Manager with APNIC, the Regional Internet Registry for the Asia-Pacific. In this role he works to promote APNIC's vision of a global, open, stable, and secure Internet across the region's 56 economies as well as internationally.

Prior to joining the team he was an analyst with the International Cyber Policy Centre at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) where he researched domestic and regional cyber policy developments. He has also spent several years working in DC, serving a stint with the International Technology and Trade Associates.

Klée holds a Master's degree in International Relations from the Universiteit van Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

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Mr. Izumi AIZU
Tokyo, Japan - Senior Research Fellow & Professor, Institute for InfoSocinomics, Tama University (Civil Society)

Izumi Aizu is Senior Research Fellow and Professor at the Institute for InfoSocinomics, Kumon Center, Tama University in Tokyo and Deputy Director at the Institute for HyperNetwork Society in Oita, Japan. He is also Co-Chairperson of Information Support pro bono Platform (iSPP), a coordination body for disaster relief works using ICT.

Izumi promoted the use of PC based network and the Internet since 1980s. In 1997, he founded Asia Network Research in Malaysia, focusing on societal aspects of the Internet, global governance and digital divide. In April 2000, he moved back to Tokyo. He represented Japanese NPO under the government's requests at the Digital Opportunity Task Force from 2000 to 2002.

He has been participating in ICANN, WSIS and IGF as a member of the Civil Society. He served as the Co-Coordinator of the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus (IGC) from 2010 till 2012. He was also a member of the Working Group on IGF Improvement hosted by CSTD during the same period. He was also selected as a member of IGF Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) in 2012.

In 2004 he co-founded Internet Governance Task Force (IGTF) of Japan to engage in the debate on Internet Governance in the WSIS Working Group on Internet Governance.

In 2011, after the earthquake in Japan, he joined the relief works using ICTs and started the Information Support pro bono Platform, iSPP, a not-for-profit organization. Mr. Aizu led a research project on "How people behaved with ICT" and published a detailed statistical report and also wrote a book published in Mar, 2012.

His recent papers include "Beyond Network Neutrality" (Telecommunication Journal of Australia, 2009) and Japan Chapter at Global Information Society Watch (APC) under the theme of Content Regulation, Green ICT and Disaster and the use of ICT in 2009, 2010, 2011 respectively.

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Mr. JungBae AN
Korea - Chair, Korean School of Internet Governance Working Group, KIGA (Technical)

  • 2011 - Secretariat,
  • 2011 - Secretariat Staff,
  • 2013 - Secretariat Staff,

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Mr. Peng Hwa ANG
Singapore - Professor & Director, Singapore Internet Research Centre, Nanyang Technological University (Academia)

Professor Ang Peng Hwa is Director of the Singapore Internet Research Centre at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is the author of Ordering Chaos: Regulating the Internet (Thomson, 2005), which argues that the internet can be, is being and should be regulated.

He was a member of 40-strong Working Group on Internet Governance that was appointed by then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to prepare a report for the 2005 World Summit on the Information Society.

He co-founded the Global Internet Governance Academic Network with Wolfgang Kleinwachter, a community of academics researching internet governance, serving as its inaugural chair. He also kick-started the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum with Edmon Chun, helping to coordinate the first few meetings.

A lawyer by training, he worked as a journalist before going on to pursue a Master's in communication management at the University of Southern California and a Ph.D. in the mass media at Michigan State University.

His teaching and research interests combine law and communication, touching on internet law and policy, censorship, and the social impact of media. His articles have appeared in academic journals as well as trade publications such as the Asian Wall Street Journal and the Singapore Straits Times.

He has been a visiting scholar at Harvard and Oxford universities. In 2008, he spent his sabbatical in Ahmedabad, India, to help start a doctoral programme at the Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad.

He is interviewed regularly by the Singapore media and has also appeared in articles in the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, TIME magazine, and the Economist magazine's Marketplace.

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Criden APPI
Nauru - Director of Telecommunications (Regulatory), .NR (Government)

Current office since 2009, prior to that was CEO of local Telco for 10years.

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Mr. Anivar ARVIN
India - Executive Director, Indic Project (Technical)

Anivar A. Aravind is Founder Executive Director of Indic Project, a civic-tech non-profit initiative works on language engineering, technology standards and digital rights of native language users in south Asia. He is a software engineering executive, mentor and strategist with 12+ years progressive experience in mentoring many free and open source software projects and start-ups in social technology space to find their feet, assisting in various capacities. Anivar's passion is in the intersection of technology, policy and law with from the perspective of human rights & software freedom.

Anivar has a long track record of initiating, sustaining and running various technical, policy and developer platforms and mobilizing people support and participation in such initiatives. He has deep understanding on Internet ecosystem and standardisation process and actively engages with Internet Governance and various digital rights campaigns.

He has taken leadership role in free Software and free Knowledge communities of scale like Mozilla, Libreoffice, & Wikipedia. Over the years he helped in building and sustaining FOSS language technology communities like Swathanthra Malayalam Computing(SMC) in India, Initiated successful advocacy efforts on ICT public policy Improvements, and contributed to the launch and maintenance of many thematic and regional networks & conferences. He is an advisory board member of Software Freedom Law Centre India ( He is a Mozilla Rep and contributing member of Software in Public Interest(SPI), Python Software Foundation(PSF) &The Document Foundation(TDF). More details at

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Australia - Director, Internet Society Australia (ISOC AU) (Civil Society)

Gunela Astbrink was the inaugural Australian IGF ambassador (2013) and is a Director of ISOC Australia and the Principal of GSA InfoComm. Gunela has participated in national, regional and global IGFs. Gunela is a member of ICANN’s APRALO and the At-Large Accessibility Taskforce. She is a member of the APrIGF MSG.

Gunela has been active in disability policy and research for 25 years and comes from a library and information management background. She has led projects at the Telematics and Disability Centre of Telia (Swedish Telecom) and the European Union-funded project, COST 219 (Telecommunications: Access for Disabled and Elderly People). She participated in the European Commission project, CARDIAC developing a roadmap for accessible ICT and assistive technology research directions. For over 10 years, Gunela was National Coordinator of TEDICORE (Telecommunications and Disability Consumer Representation) to improve accessibility to communications technology for people with disability. Gunela Astbrink is a member of the Advisory Board of the International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet as well as a Fellow of the RSA, 21st enlightenment. She holds an adjunct senior research position in the Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems at Griffith University and teaches Information Policy and Governance to postgraduate students in Griffith University’s Department of International Business and Asian Studies. In 2013, Gunela was awarded the Christopher Newell Prize for the best journal article in the Telecommunications Journal of Australia.

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Mr. Md. Abdul AWAL
Bangladesh - Treasurer, Internet Society Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter (Civil Society)

Mr. Md. Abdul Awal is a founding member and Treasurer of Internet Society Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter. He is a member and volunteer of Bangladesh Network Operators Group (bdNOG). He is an active participant in internet governance in Bangladesh and a former fellow of APAN, APNIC, IETF, ICANN etc.

Mr. Awal has been active in various workgroups of ICANN, IETF and APAN and is contributing for internet governance framework in Bangladesh with ISOC-BD Dhaka Chapter. He is the founder of Network Development Learning Center (NDLC), a voluntary not-for-profit organization that trains up students on internet technology.

He studied Electronics and Communication Engineering and is now working as a Network Engineer in Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN). He is a frequent participant in national and international conference and training programs. His major interest includes internet policy development, privacy and security, internet governance, data protection, content development and localization etc.

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Mr. Satish BABU
India - President (2012-2013), Computer Society of India (CSI) (Civil Society)

Satish Babu has held several elected positions in CSI, including Regional Vice President (2002-2006), Hon. Secretary (2007-2009), Vice President (2011-12) and President (2012-13). CSI is India's oldest (founded: 1965) and largest (105,000+ members) association of Computer Users in India. CSI became an ICANN ALS in 2012. On account of his interest in Internet Governance, Satish has been attending IGF from 2009. He is a EuroSSIG Fellow (2012).

In his day job, Satish Babu is the Director of the International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS), an autonomous academic/research organization set up by the Government of Kerala, India. He has been a programmer and software designer for over 30 years, and is also associated with technical bodies such as IEEE and the Development Sector. He was active in the rehabilitation & reconstruction phases after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, working with several NGOs.

Satish started working on the Internet in 1993, and ran the first free email service in Kerala in 1994 ( More information is available at:

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Mr. Fouad BAJWA
Lahore, Pakistan - Public Policy Analyst, Researcher and Advisor, Internet Research Project (Pakistan) Member Cohort-2012-13 at the Centre for Public Policy and Governance, Lahore (Civil Society)

Fouad Bajwa has been actively engaged in ICT and Internet Public Policy related issues and advocacy for over a decade. He has been an entrepreneur, a social enterprise manager, an academic and researcher. His civil society and advocacy group regularly engages with Internet policy makers through face-to-face and media interventions that has facilitated the evolution of pluralism and dissent online. He was a participant in the WSIS process and a Member of the MAG of the Internet Governance Forum from 2009-2012. As a Public Policy Expert, Fouad engages with various organizations and initiatives in Pakistan and other regions on policy areas related to ICT4D, innovation, multi-sectoral and cross-cutting research. From 2004-2007 Fouad led the Free and Open Source Software FOSS movement in Pakistan that helped establish an open and parallel industry ecosystem in the country also featured during WSIS 2005. From 2007 to 2009, Fouad managed a US$160 million dollar ICT4D international partnership portfolio for a global low-cost computing program. Fouad has worked with various multilateral organizations carrying out technical capacity transfer missions in the areas of ICT4D, ICT Policy, Open Innovation and more recently was engaged as an internationally recruited consultant with ITU, UNCTAD and UNESCWA. He has been serving as the Co-Vice Chair of APRALO At-Large at ICANN from 2010-2012 and now from 2012-2014. Fouad advocates for an open and multisktakeholder ICT and Internet public policy processes in Pakistan and empirically monitors the growth of the Internet and DNS market in Pakistan.

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Ahmed BAKHAT Masood
Islamabad, Pakistan - Director (ICT / Network), Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) (Government / Regulator)

I am working as Deputy Director (ICT/Network) in Pakistan Telecom Authority. My key job responsibilities are as under:

  • Study and analysis of various Information and Communication Technologies
  • Study of International regulations and practices regarding ICT issues.
  • Initiation of different ICT projects for community development like IXP for Pakistan and coordination for IPv6 Task Force for Pakistan
  • Close coordination with all stakeholders of Internet Governance in Pakistan, including but not limited to Academia, civil society, NGOs and Government
  • Coordination with APNIC, SANOG, ICANN and academia for capacity building of IT & Telecom sector of Pakistan on modern technologies like IXP, IPV6, DNSSec, IRM and Network forensic
  • Member of Program committees of Middle East DNS Forum and PKSIG (Pakistan School on Internet Governance)
  • Implementation of ISO 27001 standards in PTA
  • Assisting higher management on ICT issues.

I am leading network and security team at PTA and I have been involved in various ICT initiatives taken by PTA, which includes creating consensus amongst all stakeholders of IXP (Internet Exchange Point), enhancing awareness of latest technologies for the ICT industry of Pakistan in coordination with related national / international organizations like APNIC, ISOC global, ICANN and SANOG, Proliferation of Broadband and Deployment of IPv6 and DNSSEC in Pakistan. In addition to above I am also involved in Internet Governance forums in Pakistan.

In addition to my official assignments, I am also working on volunteer basis in different forums of ICANN, especially in the Middle East and Adjoining Countries (MEAC) region. I am active member of Task Force on Arabic IDNs (TF-AIDN), member of Latin Script Generation Panel, member of program committee of Middle East DNS Forum as per detail at

I have played a pivotal role in the establishment of Pakistan IXP, by engaging all stakeholders from Government, academia, ISPs, bandwidth providers, Mobile phone operators and Islamabad ISOC.

Furthermore, I am member of program committee of PKSIG for managing PKSIG 2016, whereas I participated in PKSIG2015, as speaker, where I spoke on the role of governments, ITU, APT, SATRC and PTA.

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India - Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Dr.G.R Damodaran College of Science, Coimbatore (Academia)

Bio not available.

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Ms. BYOUNG Won Min
Seoul, South Korea - Professor, Ewha Womans University

I have been working for the Korean Internet Governance Forum for a year with a close connection to the Korean Internet and Security Agency. Also I have been teaching as a professor at the Graduate School of Information Science and Public Policy, Seoul National University of Technology for seven years. Now I am a professor at the department of political science and international relations, Ewha Womans University, where I am teaching global governance and internet policies.

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Ms. Sylvia CADENA
Brisbane, Australia - Head of Programs, Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) (Technical)

Sylvia Cadena is an Internet for development specialist with 20+ years of experience across Latin America and the Asia Pacific regions. Sylvia has extensive experience on structuring partnerships that support the design, implementation and management of collaborative initiatives around Internet infrastructure, capacity building, public access, content, services and applications. Over the years, she has held positions at an ISP, an aid-agency and a research institution as well as civil society organizations and provide consultancy services for several governmental and inter-governmental agencies, which provides her with a unique understanding of the needs and concerns of multiple stakeholders working around Internet for development.

Sylvia worked at APNIC for the last 9 years on the design and implementation of two main funding partnerships that support Internet development in the Asia Pacific region: the ISIF Asia program and the Seed Alliance. Both, contribute with funding, mentoring and networking opportunities to innovators, researchers and thought-leaders across the Asia Pacific region. Many of the recipients of these partnerships were introduced to Internet Governance as part of the support received, and continue to be actively involved on its processes and discussions, bringing new voices, experiences and perspectives to the IG arena and supporting a multi-stakeholder approach.

On her new role as Head of Programs for the APNIC Foundation, Sylvia is working on the design and implementation of collaborative programs that support the development and growth of a global, open, stable, and secure Internet that serves the entire Asia Pacific community. She leads the design and implementation of projects, donor relations, as well as all aspects of grant-making, from application, selection and evaluation processes to reporting.

Sylvia was a founding member of the Advisory Council and has served the Internet community on a variety of selection and program committees (Premio Trayectoria - LACNIC; APRICOT fellowships; APNIC fellowships; Internet Society Community Grants and Beyond the Net programs; APrIGF program committee, ICANN CCWG new gTLD auction proceeds, among others). She has actively contributed to the IG discussions, at the national, regional and global level and to the strengthening of the NRIs presence at the global IGF.

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Mr. John Sushil CHAND
Fiji - Vice Chair, Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC) (Technical)

ohn Chand has more than 12 years of Telecommunication experience in Broadband and Wi-Fi network and ISP network design, operation and maintenance, having worked for one of the largest facilities-based providers of fixed line communication and networking services in Fiji – Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL).

John has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Technology from The University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji in addition to various industry standard ICT certifications including CISCO Certifications. He has been a regular speaker at a number of PacNOG events in the Pacific region and more recently at the Pacific IGF 2017. He has had a leading role in working on setting up an IXP in Fiji with local internet service providers and the Fijian Government.

John is a regular contributor to APNIC training activities and shares his knowledge as a volunteer community trainer.

Apart from these work commitments, John has attended various international ICT meetings namely the IETF, APRICOT and ICANN meetings as a Fellow. Meetings in which he has shared his local and regional experiences and providing input to technical discussions.

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Ms. Joyce CHEN
Singapore - GSE Strategy & Development Senior Manager, ICANN (Technical)

Joyce joined the ICANN organisation in 2016. She currently serves as GSE Strategy and Development Senior Manager in the Asia Pacific (APAC) Hub based in Singapore. Her main focus will be in deepening ICANN's engagement within Southeast Asia and other countries in the APAC region.

Prior to ICANN, Joyce worked in Singapore Institute of Technology for Corporate Communications where she handled media relations, as well as Strategic Planning where she handled stakeholder engagement for the development of the University's new campus.

Joyce was also a young diplomat with Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon graduating from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Honours in Sociology. She handled the ASEAN portfolio while in the Foreign Affairs.

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Ms. Yeh-Chen, CHEN
Taiwan - Assistant Researcher, National Security Council (Civil Society)

I am composed by several tags: #policy maker #social scientist #cybersecurity #cyber law (cultivating now). My major was political science in college and then I got my master about quantitative method; then devoted my career in working at think tanks and now working at National Security Council. My major focus would be cybersecurity with national and international lens to conduct policy recommendations.

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Ms. Ying-Chu CHEN
Taiwan - Assistant Research Fellow, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) (Private Sector)

I am Ying-Chu Chen. I work in Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER). My job is doing research with internet governance issues, and join to TWIGF MSGs since 2016.
I was a co-founder in a open data and knowledge initiative in Taiwan.

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Mr. Rajesh CHHARIA
India - President, Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) (Private Sector)

Bio not available

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Dr. Yik Chan CHIN
Hong Kong and Mainland China - Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University/Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (Academic)

Dr. Yik Chan Chin works in the areas of the Internet governance, media law and regulation, Human Rights Law, and Law and Society. Her current research focuses on new media governance and the interplay between the state and society in regulatory development. Dr. Chin was a research fellow at University of Nottingham's Human Rights Law Centre and University of Oxford's Centre for Socio-Legal Studies in the UK. Her past projects included the balance between media freedom and individual right of reputation, and governance of social media. Her new book "Television Regulation and Media Policy in China" is published by the Routledge in August 2016.

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Ms. Jee Eun CHOI
South Korea - ISOC-ROK (Civil Society)

Jee eun Choi has been working at ISOC-ROK as a AMS Administrator since November, 2014.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts, (majoring in Japanese and Chinese Language) and a Bachelor of Sicence(majoring in Pharmacology) both from Monash University in Australia. I also received a Master of Area studies (Majoring Japan Area) at Yonsei University in South Korea.

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Mr. Srinivas (Sunny) CHENDI
Brisbane, Australia - Senior Advisor, APNIC (Technical)

Bio available here.

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Ms. Duangthip CHOMPRANG
Bangkok, Thailand - GITEC (Civil Society)

Bio not available.

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India - Director, CCAOI (Civil Society)

Amrita Choudhury serves as the Director of a not for profit association, CCAOI which is responsible for representing the interests of the various stakeholders of the ecosystem of Internet in India, including the Public Internet access points (Cybercafés/CSC's/ Kiosk providers) who provide assisted internet services, service and content providers, connected and unconnected users. In fact, she has been one of the forces behind creating CCAOI as a platform, unifying the different stakeholders, representing their interests and developing the community by creating awareness amongst them about the laws, regulations, best practices, etc.

Amrita has been involved in digital literacy programs in the local languages in India and the Digital Literacy program which she had initiated from CCAOI called "Project Gyan" was recognized by The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) in their National Broadband Paper.

An active participant in policy discussions, both at domestic and international platforms, she is also involved in capacity building in Internet Governance. She conducts studies and research, events and seminars and disseminates information on Internet Governance events, initiatives, policies and opportunities to stakeholders in the region.

Besides, she is also the Treasurer of Internet Society India, Delhi Chapter and one of the organizers of the first India School of Internet Governance (inSIG).

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Mr. Edmon CHUNG
Hong Kong, China - CEO, DotAsia Organisation (Technical)

Edmon Chung is serving as the CEO for DotAsia Organisation and as Vice Chair for Internet Society HK Chapter. Edmon is also an elected member of the Elections Committee of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, an elected member of the ICANN ALAC (Atl-Large Advisory Committee) and a former councillor of the ICANN GNSO Council. Edmon currently Co-Chairs the ICANN Joint ccNSO/GNOS IDN Working Group (JIG) and the Internationalized Registration Data Working Group (IRD-WG).

Since 2002, Edmon played a leadership role in the region-wide .Asia initiative, bringing together an open membership of 29 official country-code top-level domain authorities and regional Internet bodies. DotAsia is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate to promote Internet development and adoption in Asia. Since its launch in 2008, DotAsia has contributed significantly to a variety of community projects in Asia, including for example:, Relief.Asia, CreativeCommons.Asia, ISIF.Asia, NetMission.Asia, Paragon100.Asia, MaD.Asia and others.

Edmon is an inventor of patents underlying technologies for internationalized domain names (IDN) and email addresses on the Internet. Edmon has served on many global IDN related committees, including technical and policy groups, that made it possible for the introduction of multilingual domain names and email addresses on the Internet. Edmon founded Neteka Inc. in partnership with the University of Toronto Innovations Foundation in 1999, and went on to win the Most Innovative Award in the Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurship Award in 2001. In 2000, Edmon was selected by The Globe and Mail as one of the Young Canadian Leaders.

Edmon has a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Engineering from the University of Toronto.

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New Zealand - Trustee, Board of Trustees at Internet Society (Civil Society)

Bio not available.

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Mr. Rafik DAMMAK
Tokyo, Japan - Engineer (Civil Society)

Rafik Dammak is young Tunisian working as computer engineer and living in Tokyo. He hold a degree in Computer Engineering from Engineering school in Tunisia and Msc on applied computer science from the University of Tokyo. He is a DiploFoundation alumni after completion of the Internet Governance Capacity Building program. He is a former Creative Commons Tunisian license project Public co-leader while he also followed an elearning program WIPO. He has been involved in ICANN community as NCUC (Non-commercial users constituency) individual user member , former elected GNSO Councillor for the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group and member of NCSG executive committee in addition to participation to several ICANN WGs like the new gTLD applicant support or JAS WG where he is the co-chair. He is currently member of the ICANN nominating committee. He is involved on advocacy for Human Rights, privacy, freedom of expression. He become recently member of CSISAC steering committee, CSISAC is part of OECD ICCP.

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Mr. Shibendu DEBBARMA
India - Assistant Professor, Tripura University, Agartala & Vice-President, Youth for Integration-NGO, Tripura University (Academia)

He is working as Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, Tripura University (A Central University) and Vice-President, Youth for Integration (NGO) based in Agartala, Tripura, India. He is spreading utility of Internet among locality in his area through various activities. He was Deputy Director in Software Technology Parks of India (STPI).

His teaching and research interests combine data network, IPv6, IoT and Internet Technologies. He has research publications in conference proceedings and in academic journals as well as. He is involved with ISOC, IGF, APAN etc.

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Mr. Pavan DUGGAL
India - Advocate, Supreme Court of India & President, Cyberlaw Asia

While a practicing Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Pavan Duggal has made an immense impact with an international reputation as an expert and authority on Cyberlaw and E-Commerce law.

An internationally renowned expert and authority on Cyberlaw, Pavan has also the credit of having done pioneering work in the field of Convergence Law and Mobile Law. He heads of his Law Firm, Pavan Duggal Associates, which works actively in the fields of Cyberlaw, Intellectual Property Rights and Information Technology, Information Security law, Business Process Outsourcing and ITES Law, Commercial Practice and other allied spheres.

As such, his empanelment as a consultant to UNCTAD and UNESCAP on Cyberlaw and Cyber crime respectively, membership of the AFACT Legal Working Group of the UN / CEFAT, consulting as an expert with the Council of Europe on Cyber crime, inclusion in the Board of Experts of European Commission's Dr. E-Commerce and his work as an expert authority on a Cyberlaw primer for e-ASEAN Task Force and as a reviewer for Asian Development Bank speaks volumes of his worldwide acceptance as an authority. Pavan is the President of Cyberlaw Asia, Asia's pioneering organization committed to the passing of dynamic Cyber laws in the Asian continent. Pavan is also a member of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center Panel of Neutrals.

Pavan has been the Member of the Public Interest Registry's. Org Advisory Council. He is a member of ICT Policy and Governance Working Group of the UNICT Taskforce. He is the Legal and Policy Consultant to Internet Mark 2 Project, which is examining the next level of Internet. He has been invited to be an associated fellow of the Centre for Asia Pacific Technology Law and Policy (CAPTEL) at Singapore. Pavan is a member of Panel of Arbitrators of the Regional Centre for Arbitration, Kuala Lumpur and Asian Domain Names Dispute Resolution Centre at Hong Kong.

He has been associated with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India on Cyberlaw and Electronic Governance legal issues. He is a member of Advisory Committee on E-Governance in Karnataka constituted by the Government of Karnataka. Pavan is a member of Information Forensic Working Group on e-Information Systems, Security and Audit Association.

Pavan heads his niche law firm Pavan Duggal Associates, which has practice areas, amongst others, in Cyberlaw, Business Process Outsourcing Law, Intellectual Property Rights and Information Technology Law, Information Security Law, Defence, Biotech and Corporate Law.

While he has been a Member of the Nominating Committee, Membership Advisory Committee and Membership Implementation Task Force of ICANN, Pavan is also the President of Cyberlaws.Net, which is Internet's first ever-unique Cyberlaw consultancy.

In addition to that, he is also the founder of the Cyberlaw Association and is also the Founder-President, Cyberlaw India.

Some outstanding pioneering work in the field of BPO legal issues has resulted in his being a member of the BPO Steering Committee of ASSOCHAM. Today, he advises a number of BPO concerns on different legal issues relating to outsourcing. Pavan has been the Chairman of the Cyberlaw Committee of ASSOCHAM and works in closely with CII and FICCI.

Pavan is a regular on the lecture circuit. He has spoken at over 1200 conferences, seminars and workshops in the last seven years, and has lectured extensively in select law colleges. As a writer, he has made his mark with forty books on various aspects of the law in the last six years. He has contributed a continuing weekly column on diverse aspects of the law, titled 'Brief Cases' to the Economic Times, for the last seven years.

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Mr. Kasek GALGAL
Papua New Guinea - Co-Chair, Policy, Pacific Island Chapter of The Internet Society (Civil Society)

Kasek Galgal is a Papua New Guinean Internet enthusiast and ICT for development advocate. He is currently pursuing a Master in Contemporary Diplomacy, specialising in Internet Governance with the University of Malta. Prior to assuming full time studies, Galgal was an academic at the University of Papua New Guinea where he promoted initiatives to help enhance understanding of the Internet ecosystem in the PNG community.

After gaining an Interest in the Pacific Islands whilst a student at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), he joined PICISOC in 2013. Within the Internet Governance space, Kasek has participated as an APNIC fellow, ICANN fellow and as an ISOC Ambassador to the 2015 IGF.

Kasek has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from UPNG and certificates in Cybersecurity and Economic Diplomacy with the Diplofoundation. He splits his spare time between enjoying independant copyleft music from the Internet and supporting PNG football.

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Ms. Shuyi GUO
China - Policy Executive, CNNIC (Technical)

Shuyi Guo is now serving as Policy Executive in China Internet Network Information Center(CNNIC). She holds a Master Degree in Political Science from Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg(Germany), and has spent more than a year in SAP as a business consultant. Shuyi always concerns about Internet governance issues since the first involvement with United Nations RIO+20 Sustainable Conference in Rio de janeiro. She is now in charging of advising Internet Infrastructure Policy for Chinese government officials, and analyzing ICT industry policy, especially IG issues..

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Ms. Noelle de GUZMAN
Philippines - Regional Program Manager, Asia Pacific, Internet Society (ISOC) (Civil Society)

Bio not available

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Mr. Mohammad Abdul HAQUE
Bangladesh - Secretary General, Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF) (Civil Society)

I have worked as the founding Secretary General of Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF) in conjunction with United Nation Internet Governance Forum (IGF) created by UN World Summit on the Information Society (UN WSIS) Action plan from 2006.

As part of my work activity I have travelled and attended the following events:

  • 4th IGF in Sharm EL Sheikh, Egypt in 2009
  • 5th IGF in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2010
  • 6th IGF in Nairobi, Kenya on 2011
  • 3rd APrIGF in Tokyo, Japan on 2012
  • NETmundial meeting on 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 9th IGF in Istanbul, Turkey on 2014
  • 6th APrIGF in Macau on 2015
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Singapore - Doctoral Candidate, Wee Kim School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI), Nanyang Technological University (Academia)

Sherly Haristya is a doctoral candidate of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI) at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She is currently working on her dissertation that examines the diversity of civil society stakeholder group in the global Internet governance. Together with ICT Watch, an Indonesia based civil society organisation, she assists its national and global advocacy programmes on Internet freedom related issues. She was one of the local committee members for the preparation of the 8th Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Bali, Indonesia. She is the co-author of "Multistakeholderism and the Democratic Deficit", a reflection piece on the 10th anniversary of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG).

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Mr. Faisal HASAN
Bangladesh - Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Dhaka Bangladesh (Civil Society)

Bio not available.

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Mr. Suhaidi HASSAN
Malaysia - Vice Chair, Internet Society Malaysia (Civil Society)

Dr. Suhaidi Hassan is the Vice Chair of ISOC Malaysia and the Chairman of the InterNetWorks Research Laboratory, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). He is a visiting professor in Telecommunication Management, University of Medical Sciences and Technology, Khartoum, SUDAN and a visiting professor in Computing, Engineering and Technology at the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (UCTI), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He graduated with a BSc degree in Computer Science from State University of New York in Binghamton, MSc degree in Information Science (Telecommunications/Networks) from the University of Pittsburgh, and PhD in Computing from the University of Leeds, UK. Dr Suhaidi is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), and actively involved in both IEEE Communications and IEEE Computer societies. He served as the Vice Chair (2004-2007) of the IEEE Malaysia Computer Society, a member of technical steering committee for the Malaysian Research and Educational Network (MYREN), Member of the Malaysian ICT Deans Council (2007-2011). Dr Suhaidi was a WKD Foundation (Switzerland)’s Young Scientist Fellow at the World Knowledge Dialogue, in Crans-Montana, Switzerland (2006). He is also the ISOC Fellow to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Dr Suhaidi formerly appointed as Dean (2007) of the Faculty of Information Technology UUM, and recently as the Assistant Vice Chancellor of the UUM College of Arts and Sciences (2008-2011).

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Mr. Waqas HASSAN
South Asia - Assistant Director (Int'l Liaison & Training)/President, ISOC Islamabad Chapter (Government)

Waqas is Assistant Director (International Liaison & Training) at the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. He has regulatory experience of over 14 years that includes international coordination, stakeholder engagement, ICT development analysis, ICT indicators review, Internet Governance, mobile money and civil society engagement. He is an active volunteer for internet development and the President of Internet Society Pakistan Islamabad Chapter.

Waqas is a DIPLO, APrIGF2017 and APSIG2017 fellow, ISOC's SANOG fellow, ISOC chapter fellow to ICANN60 and LIRNEasia's Young Scholar on ICT Policy and Research. He has collaborated with various international organizations to hold ICT events and foreign training opportunities for the organization. He has also documented the national and regional ICT Policy developments for various publications and analytical reports for PTA. Waqas also contributes as a member of various Internet and telecom expert groups such as ITU's Expert Group on ICT Household Indictors and ITU's Expert Group on Telecommunication and ICT Indicator,APrIGF MSG. He has been a key member of IG capacity building events in Pakistan such as National Broadband Forum, INET Islamabad, Pakistan Digital forum, Disaster Management using ICTs, Mobile App Awards, ICT Indicators Symposium. He holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration as well as Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Technology of Curtin University, Australia.

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Ms. Maureen HILYARD
Cook Island, Pacific - Member, At-Large, ICANN (Civil Society)

My introduction to internet governance and IGFs was initially through my connections to the Diplo Foundation and the Internet Society. A wider understanding of the extent of our role in the governance of the internet has been extended through my contacts within ICANN, and in particular within the Asia Pacific region through APRALO and APAC and within the global internet community through my contributions as a member of the At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) and as their liaison to the ccNSO and the ccTLD community. I have made valuable connections through APRALO partnerships with regional organisations APNIC, DotAsia and APTLD. All these contacts have enriched my knowledge and understanding about the global internet and its governance that I can share with my home region – the Pacific..

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Australia - Public Affairs Director, APNIC (Technical)

Bio at

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New Zealand - Principal, I2 Consultants (Private Sector)

Don has held CEO & CIO roles and is now focusing on supporting ICT and Internet use in New Zealand, the Pacific and the wider Asia-Pacific region.

He was the Chair of the 2020 Communications Trust ( until October 2008. During his tenure the Trust and its affiliates grew to run more than $2 Million revenue covering more than 50 concurrent projects. He has also been the chair of TUANZ (The Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand) and is the co-Chair of PIP (Pacific Internet Parntners)

Don is also an active partner in, a New Zealand based second hand book store with global operations.

As the General Manager of the APTLD (, Don worked to facilitate the managers of country codes in the Asia Pacific region be the best that they can be.

Don continues to have strong interest in Internet adoption in the Asia Pacific region, with particular focus on ensuring that the Internet is available in people's native tongue. Don also continues to have strong interest in robust Internet infrastructure, particularly in the South Pacific Islands.

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Mr. Jahangir HOSSAIN
Bangladesh - Vice Chair, Internet Society Bangledesh Dhaka (Civil Society)

He is the founding member and Vice Chair of Internet Society Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter which certified structure for At-Large in ICANN as an At-Large Structure (ALS) in APRALO region and Executive Committee member of and Bangladesh Network Operator Group (bdNOG).

He has participated Internet Society (ISOC) Next Generation Leadership (NGL) program and formal fellow of SANOG, ICANN, ISOC fellow to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and United Nations fellow in field of Internet Governance.

He is active member of ICANN's NPOC and NCUC also IEEE and Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF). He has been active in various working groups of ICANN and trying to put contribution from developing countries perspective to building awareness and skill on Internet governance principle in local and regional community.

He is now based in Dhaka, Bangladesh where professionally as a Chief Technical Officer of Open Communication Limited a leading Internet Resource Analysis, Solution and Consultancy organization specially on IP Transit provider, Content Development, "Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN), International Gateway (IGW), Interconnection Exchange (ICX), Technical Policy development process, Corporate Sector and respectively.

He has completed graduation and master degree Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering from Daffodil International University in Bangladesh.

Beside this he has been working on policy making process, awareness and development in various stakeholders also working as an ICT presenter, Trainer as well as organizer for local and international community. Now he has been trying to build up awareness and skill for analysis Internet Resource, Internet governance principle , Cyber security, date protection to ensure "Internet for Everyone " .

Social Network,

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Mr. Hiro HOTTA
Tokyo, Japan - Director, JPRS (Technical)

Director of JPRS, a .JP ccTLD Registry, since 2001. He is responsible for corporate planning and administration of JPRS. He has actively participated and lead discussions in ICANN as a ccNSO Councilor. He is also known as his speciality in IDN and has been active in various Working Groups and Committees of ICANN.

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Ms. Haoran HUANG
China - Postgraduate student, Institution of Internet Governance and Law, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) (Civil Society)

Haoran Huang is a postgraduate student and candidate of MA. Degree in Law, as well as one of the research assistants from the Institute of Internet Governance and Law, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), which is the first ever institute in Chinese universities to focus on Internet governance issues. His day by day studies and researches including policy makings in the stage of Internet governance, the legislation of cybersecurity, the issues of data flow and personal data or privacy protection.

In August, 2016, he was selected as one of the fellows of Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy (APIGA). After this capacity building program, he also was invited to join Indian School on Internet Governance (InSIG). He is a member of Non-Commercial User Constituency (NCUC) of ICANN, he also actively participated in ICANN Cross Community Working Group (CCWG) 2. At the end of 2016, he was selected as [email protected] Fellow to participated in United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF), during this event, he paneled for several workshops including Youth Engagement and Capacity Building, as well as remote moderated for one of the main sessions.

Currently, he is sharing his experiences of Internet governance and encouraging more young people from mainland of China to involve into Internet governance process.

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Mr. Kenny HUANG, Ph.D. (Technical)
Taipei, Taiwan - Board of Director, TWNIC

Dr. Kenny Huang is the leading figure of the Internet communities in Asia. Since the early years of Taiwan's Internet development, he contributed a great deal to build up a better Internet environment in Taiwan. Because of his tremendous knowledge and experience, he has been invited to take up leading roles in many Internet technology and policy organizations, including APNIC Executive Council member, APNIC Policy SIG Chair, Address Council member of ICANN ASO, Board Director of PIR (.org gTLD), Board Director of TWNIC (NIR & .tw ccTLD), Chair of TWNIC International Affair Committee, Board Director of MINC (Multilingual Internet Consortium), Advisory Council of dot Asia (.asia gTLD), New gTLD Review Group of ICANN, Founder of APAN TW, Board Director of ISOC Taipei and Executive Advisor of TWIA.

Dr. Huang's contributions have been acknowledged especially in the development of Internet technology. Dr. Kenny Huang is the co-author of RFC3743 of the IETF, the Co-Chair of JET (Joint Engineering Team, formed by JPNIC, KRNIC, CNNIC, TWNIC), Advisor of CDNC (Chinese Domain Name Consortium). Dr. Huang is working closely with government departments in developing technology policies. He is Taiwan e-Government Committee member, Taiwan Government Organization & IT Reform Committee member, principal investigator of Government IPv6 Policy, project leader of Taiwan Future Internet Policy, and Chief Advisor of dot Taipei gTLD Program.

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Pakistan - Lead Regional Chapter, Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) (Private Sector)

Information Security Analyst and Internet Public Policy researcher. Lead Regional Chapter at PISA (Pakistan Information Security Association), Senior Malware Researcher at Ebryx (Pvt) Ltd and Visiting Forensic Investigator at PISA – CERT. Actively involved in general Cyber Security / Information Security awareness of community, Ambassador for eVillage Project of Pakistan Social Association and also take keen interest in ICT for Development activities in Pakistan.

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Phillippines - Dean of College of Information Technology, Southville International School and Colleges (Academia)

Aris Ignacio is the Dean of the College of Information Technology at Southville International School and Colleges in the Philippines. He is an advocate for the youth being a major stakeholder group in Internet Governance discussions, and has facilitated the participation of university/college students in local, regional and global Internet governance events, particularly in Asia-Pacific. He also an advocate of improving digital literacy by helping underdeveloped schools through training and refurbishing old peripherals/hardware for donations.  This was evidenced as one of the entries during Chapterthon 2017, where he led a group of college students to a project on improving the infrastructure and creating an impact to students within the beneficiary school and community.

Aris is currently the Chair and Board Member and previously a Vice President of Development at ISOC Philippines Chapter, which is a member of the At-Large structure and Outreach working group in ICANN. He is a founding board member of the rejuvenation of the said chapter, past President, and Vice President for Development. He was a past ICANN fellow in several meetings and represented ISOC-PH in the events. Currently, Aris is a member of ALAC Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee working group at ICANN. He was a participant the 1st Asia Pacific School of Internet Governance (APSIG) and was selected as one of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Ambassadors for 2017 which was held in Geneva, Switzerland.

He is also a member of the Multi-stakeholder Steering Group (MSG) for the Asia Pacific Regional IGF. Aris has been a co-chair and currently a member of the APrIGF Fellowship team for 2017, 2018 and 2019.

He was the main proponent for IN2ITION (Into IT Convention), a national student-led convention that features various topics and issues in the field of Information Technology and Internet Governance.

He is also one of the pioneers in the Learn IG initiative.

Aris holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science, a masters degree in Information Management and a doctorate degree in Information Technology.  He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional and Certified Educator.

Lastly, he has presented researches and facilitated topics and discussions relating to Internet Governance nationally and internationally.

BIO source: ICANN Wiki.

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Mr. John Graham JACK
Vanuatu, South West Pacific - Business Relations Officer, Office of the Government CIO, Prime Minister's Office, Vanuatu Government (Government)

John Jack is the Business Relations Officer in the Office of the Government CIO. In this capacity, Jack leads the ICT business solution within the Office of the Government CIO and represents the CIO in meetings with the Director Generals and Directors of the Government of Vanuatu. John Jack has extensive experience in the ICT field, spanning hardware, network, and software development both private and public sectors. He holds a Computing Degree from the University of the South Pacific and Masters Degree in Information Technology & Systems from the University of Canberra, Australia.

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Ms. Tripti JAIN
India - Counsel, (Civil Society)

Tripti has pursued BA.LLB (Hons.) and is currently working as Counsel at At,she is involved in various projects that includes research and advisory on a variety of issues such as privacy rights, civil rights, censorship, free speech and women rights in online & offline space. She also coordinates's work on Internet Shutdowns.

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Malaysia - Internet Society Malaysia Chapter (Civil Society)

Hazwany Jamaluddin is an exco member of Internet Society Malaysia Chapter, and research associate-cum-course manager of DataVizMy. She has been experimenting & exploring on data visualisation, policy research, digital security and network building since 2015. She also a volunteer writer of Open and Shut for Small Media, a member of Open Heroines, a fellow of Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy 2017, and a facilitator for Youth For Rights Asia. Prior to DataViz My, she was a project consultant for Sinar Project.

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Ms. Sajina KARKI
Asia Pacific, Lawyer/ Social Activist, Rayznews (Civil Society)

Sajina Karki is a practicing lawyer and works as a part time Gender Consultant. In her past she has worked with various news agencies in Nepal and currently works as the managing director of the Rayznews. A social media expert and a Facebook entrepreneur, she was listed as one of the successful entrepreneur by the Republica National daily. Voicing issues of women empowerment and leadership she represent the young group of leaders making contribution to the national think tank.

From her past she has been lobbying on the issues of women education and women rights as a priority and has created various reports on research and surveys.
She has been lobbying various issue of gender equality and currently runs a facebook group "Alliance Against women trafficking & Violence" that helps to give free legal aid to women in need.

She is a pro-active blogger and loves to express her voice through her blog.

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Armenia - Coordinator, Safer Internet Armenia (Civil Society)

Narine Khachatryan has been co-ordinator of Safer Internet Armenia since 2009, a country wide initiative to raise public awareness about Internet safety, privacy and security issues and build the capacity of young people and adults in the field of ICTs and digital citizenship. She has played an important role in launching a number of educational initiatives in Armenia, including those in the field of Internet and digital literacy. Ms Khachatryan has been actively involved in Internet governance debates since 2009 through participation in ICANN, European Dialog on Internet Governance, Internet related projects of the Council of Europe and ISOC. National Coordinator of EU eSafety Label since 2015.

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Ms. InHee KIM
South Korea - Researcher, Korea Information Society Development Institute (Civil Society)

In-Hee Kim is a doctoral student at Inha University in Korea. I was a Researcher at the KISDI (Korea Information Society Development Institute) 2008-2010. My research interest is ICT and internet governance. I am currently contributes to ISOC Korea.

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Ms. Kelly Kha Yeun KIM
South Korea - General Counsel, Open Net Korea (Civil Society)

Kelly Kha Yeun Kim is General Counsel of Open Net (, a non-profit & civil society organization established in 2013 to make the Internet a platform for freedom, openness and sharing.

She previously worked for the Ministry of Justice of Korea (MOJ) for almost three years (2012-2014). As a Deputy Director at the International Legal Affairs Division, she was involved in recent free-trade agreement (FTA) negotiations between Korea and other countries including Canada and China in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Investment (particularly Investor-State Dispute, ISD). She is also an expert in international business transactions and assisted Korean small and medium businesses (SMBs) in drafting and negotiating international contracts.

She graduated from Korea University School of Law (LL.B. 2010). She passed the Korean National Bar Exam in 2009 and completed two years training at the Judicial Research and Training Institute (Class of 41). She is a member of the Korean Bar Association and the Seoul Bar Association.

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Mr. Maheeshwara Buddhika Bandara KIRINDIGODA
Sri Lanka - Media Secretary - Uva Province Governor's Office - Sri Lanka (Govenment)

Doors of the IGF were open to me by ISOC through a fellowship program to attend a chapter workshop in 2013 in BALI – Indonesia. Experience gained at UN IGF Bali made me capable of organizing the Local IGF in March 2016.

I Maheeshwara Kirindigoda of the Island of Sri Lanka claim to be a "Millennial" despite that I was born in year 1980 and had the fortune of having my primary and secondary education at the Dharmaraja Collage Kandy. Further education at National Institute of Business Management in the stream of System Designing and presently following a degree course in Mass Communication at the Open University of Sri Lanka.

Being an Activist in the filed of ICT I am being privilege to hold the responsibilities as the Secretary to the Internet Society Sri Lanka chapter, President of the Chamber of ICT, Chairmen IGF Sri Lanka organizing committee and Secretary to the Central Province Export Chamber.

I have gained the knowledge and the required experience to discharge the above responsibilities; mainly through engagements in varies activities as the

  • Assistant Secretary Sri Lanka Computer Vendors Association (2009 - 2012)
  • Assistant Secretary- Central Province Exporters Chamber (2010 - 2012)
  • Vise President- ISOC Sri Lanka Chapter (2010 - 2014) ;
  • Secretary - Sri Lanka Computer Vendors Association (2012 - 2014) ;
  • Exco & Chairman Membership Committee - Isoc Sri Lanka Chapter (2014 ­ 2016)
  • and also the Managing Director of Asian Destinations (Pvt) Ltd (2007 - todate)

paved the way, and bestowed the knowledge and experience to discharge the responsibilities mentioned above.

While promoting the Internet to all generations I felt that the insecurity and risk involved in therein is to be addressed at large. For which purpose I could introduced two projects namely to increase the awareness "Safer Internet" and "Be-Aware Beware" for School children with the cooperation of ISOC – LK and Chamber of ICT.

MultiStakeholder concept planted in me at the Bali Conference, manured by IGF Sri Lanka gave growth to a Jungle size, thanks to the participation and devotion of many a communities including IGF community and ISOC lk Community.

In addition to the above I presently being the Media Secretary to the Honorable Governor of Uva Province of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka could not only utilize but promote the concept of Multistakeholdership in my Professional Engagements including media and governance.

I am confident that my experience in the field of Government Sector, Media Sector , Civil Society Sector and Private sector will give an opportunity to Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group (MSG) of APrIGF .

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Japan - Researcher, Mercari, Inc. (Private Sector)

Mariko Kobayashi is involved in IGF, APrIGF, IETF, and ICANN communities. She focuses on the collaboration of tech and the I-G fields, youth participation, women in Tech, and emerging technology. She currently serves as a researcher in Mercari, Inc., a marketplace app company based in Japan. She is a board member of the WIDE project, a project for the research and operation of the Internet.

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India - Internet Democracy Project (Civil Society)

Bio not available

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Fiji - Systems & Automation Manager, Tropica Island Resort (Private Society)

Programmer with 12years experience in Application Development with sound understanding of business Process Redesign Concepts and end user needs. Development experience in the private sector ranging across industries previously in banking and now in tourism sector.

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India, South Asia - Network Consultant/IPv6 Trainer, Pro6 Networks (Technical)

I work as a Network Consultant / IPv6 Trainer of Pro6 Networks, a small time Consulting and Training company based in Coimbatore/Chennai, India.

Since 2004 he has been providing onsite and remote consulting services to a variety of Small to Medium Enterprise Customers as well as delivering Cisco, Juniper and IPv6 Instructor led courses for Corporate/Retail customers. He has applied for IPv6 Forum Certified Trainer (Gold) and is working towards the Cisco's CCDE certification.

I am currently elected as Director (Non-Voting) of the Internet Society India Chennai Chapter. He has been actively involved in IPv6 Transitions, RPKI, Internet Governance, Internet Policy, Net Neutrality, Internet Privacy activities inside the Chapter.

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Mr. Byoung-il OH
South Korea - Academia, Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet (Civil Society)

Byoungil Oh is a founding member of Korean Progressive Network 'Jinbonet' and have been working as a full-time staff of it since its foundation in 1998. Jinbonet is a social movement organization which provides internet service to other NGOs on the one hand, and advocates human rights in information society such as freedom of expression, privacy, network neutrality and access to knowledge on the other hand. Jinbonet is a member of APC(Association of Progressive Communications).

He had also worked as a board member of IPLeft since 1999 and has been the representative of it since 2009. IPLeft is a NGO which has been criticising the strengthening of Intellectual Property and promoting A2K. He has been involved in the internet resource policy as a member of Name Committee of Name&Number Committee which had been internet governance body in the early 2000s, and a member of address&resource branch of KIGA at present.

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Australia - Chair Elect of the 2013 Nominating Comittee at ICANN (Civil Society)

Cheryl has recently been appointed as a consumer advocate representative to the Australian Communications Compliance (CommCom) Advisory Committee a new independent code monitoring (and reporting) body, that is to ensure that Carriage Service Providers (CSPs) in Australia are compliant with the Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code.

Late in 2012 she was appointed as the Chair Elect of the 2013 Nominating Committee by the ICANN Board "Resolved (2012.10.03.06), the Board adopts the recommendation of the BGC and hereby appoints Yrjö Juhani Lönsipuro as the 2013 NomCom Chair and Cheryl Langdon-Orr as the 2013 NomCom Chair-Elect." and is currently the ALAC Liaison to the ccNSO (2010 -2012) ccNSO Liaison Reporting page ALAC ccNSO Liaison Wiki . Having served as a Vice Chair of the ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) 2010-2011), after three terms (2007-10) as ALAC Chair. Within At-Large she represents ISOC-AU as an ICANN accredited At-Large Structure (ALS) in ICANN's Asia Pacific Regional At-Large Organisation (APRALO) and APRALO in the ALAC, has been reappointed to serve a second two year term (2009 - 2011) for APRALO in the ALAC. As Chair of the ALAC she was appointed to serve on the 1st Affirmation of Commitments Review Team for ICANN looking at Accountability and Transparency.; Within the ICANN Community Cheryl has served on a number of Working Groups, Work Teams and Task Forces (listed and linked below. My ALAC / At-Large Statement of Interest (SOI) is found here Cheryl Langdon-Orr SOI and my GNSO Statement of Interest (SOI) found here Cheryl Langdon-Orr GNSO - SOI

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Mr. Dong-Man LEE
Daejeon, South Korea - Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST) (Academia)

Dr. Dong-Man Lee is the Dean of School of Culture Technology in KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) since Apr. 2011.

He organized a workshop on multicast technology twice every year from 2001 to 2006 whose outcomes were proposed to IETF and ITU-T as standards. He served as a program committee member for KRNET, the largest conference on the Internet in Korea from 2000. Since 2004, he has also served as a board member of OSIA (Open Standard and Internet Association) and the chair of its Multicast WG.

He has been very active in Internet governance and research collaboration locally and internationally. From 1998 to 2001, he was a member and the chair for the committee in charge of .kr domain names. From Dec. 2002 to Jul. 2004, he was the chair for the Internet name and address committee, and from Dec. 2005 to Jan. 2007 and Dec. 2009 to 2012 he has been appointed as Chair of Korea Internet policy forum, which worked on developing a framework for personal domains, regional domains, and Korean-language domains. He is also serving as Chair of Internet Address Review Committee of MSIP(Ministry of Science and ICT and Future Planning) in Korea. He has participated as the Korean representative to ICANN multiple times.

He was a founding member of MINC, the Multi-lingual Internet Names Consortium which worked on policies, technology standards, and development for non-English domain name support. Since Jun. 2006, he has been actively participating in Korean future internet research promotion so in Jun. 2007, he joined as a founding member of the Future Internet Forum ( in which forefront Korean future internet researchers discuss and draw a new Internet architecture. In Dec. 2007, his fellow researchers in China, Japan, and Korea and he formed AsiaFI (, a forum for future Internet research collaboration in Asia and currently work as a member of the steering committee.

He received a Ph.D in Engineering at KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

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Mr. Kye-Nam LEE
Seoul, South Korea - Division Vice President, Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)

He is currently a division vice president of KISA(Korea Internet & Security Agency) and a director of KRNIC, .kr domain registry.?He has more than 20 years' experience in Internet development of Korea. He began his career in Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion(KADO) and worked actively to resolve digital divide issues in Korea.?After joining KISA in 2001, he has devoted himself to Internet address management and promotion. He has extensive expertise in local Internet policies and Internet industry.?Now he's responsible for .kr/Korean IDN management and IPv6 promotion in Korea.

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Ms. Sabrina LIM
Singapore - GSE Programs Manager, APAC, ICANN (Technical Community)

Sabrina Lim is ICANN’s Global Stakeholder Engagement Programs Manager for APAC. She focuses on widening the regional community’s participation in ICANN through engagement programs with various stakeholders. She comes from a background specialized in Communications for the Singapore government. She served in this capacity for some 8 years across the Ministry of Communications and Information, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of National Development. Sabrina holds an Honours degree in Sociology from the National University of Singapore, and a graduate diploma in Communications from Nanyang Technological University.

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Ms. Limei LIU
China - Director, Department of International Affairs and Policy Analysis, China Organizational Name Administration Center (CONAC) (Government)

No bio available.

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Mr. Yong LIU
China - Legal Manager, Vivedu Corp (Private Sector)

My name is Liu Yong(刘勇). I received my doctoral degree in law from the China University of Political Science and Law(中国政法大学). I am currently a legal manager at the Vivedu Corp. invested by leading virtual reality company HTC, and a researcher at the Hebei Academy of Social Sciences in China(河北省社会科学院). My research interests include internet law, internet governance, and virtual reality.

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Mr. Jia Rong LOW
Singapore - Vice President GSE And Managing Director - APAC Hub (Technical)

Low Jia-Rong, Head, Strategy and Initiatives – Asia Pacific: An international executive with Foreign Service credentials, Jia-Rong Low is ICANN's Head of Strategy and Initiatives for the Asia Pacific. Stationed in ICANN's recently opened Asia Hub in Singapore, Jia-Rong works to promote regional participation in ICANN's multistakeholder model among government, business and civil society.

Jia Rong has recently served as a Manager for Singbridge International, a real estate and investment management company where he collaborated with governments on policy-related issues; he was in charge of project management, planning and strategy, and business development.Prior to this, Jia Rong worked for several years as a Foreign Service Officer at Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, being amongst other roles the First Secretary at the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Jia Rong holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a major in Public Relations from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and a Diploma in Trade Policy from the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Mr. Akinori MAEMURA
Tokyo, Japan - General Manager Internet Development Department, Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) (Technical)

Akinori began his career in the Internet industry in 1994, designing a nation-wide IP network operated by the NEC Corporation. Since then he has been involved in the Japanese Internet Community as a founding member of the steering committee of JANOG (Japan Network Operators Group) and JPNIC activities in its IP address management business as a committee member and the Trustee-in-charge.

After working for the France Telecom Group seven years from 2000, he joined JPNIC as General Manager, IP Department. a member of the APNIC Executive Council since 2000, a visiting research fellow for GLOCOM (Center for Global Communication of the International University of Japan) since 2007, a part-time lecturer at Reitaku University since 2007.

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Fiji and New Caledonia - Business Analyst and ECM Advisor, Digital Transformation, Pacific Community (SPC) (Government)

Anju Mangal works for the Pacific Community (SPC), a regional and International organisation providing technical assistance to the 22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs). She is currently employed as the Business Analyst and ECM Adviser with the Digital Transformation Team of the Pacific Community (SPC). She has at least 17+ years of experience in the role of knowledge management, information management, e-government, digital transformation, ICT policies and strategies and enterprise content management. She has experience leading the implementation of complex ICT systems and business processes and building partnerships with key stakeholders in national, regional and International countries. She has a Masters in Governance and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems and GIS/Geography. She has worked in European Union and IntraACP Projects as well as DFAT (Australian) and NZAID (New Zealand), including other donors and partners such as  ADB, World Bank, Data61, ANU, ITU, CTO, PICISOC, ISOC, GIZ, CTA, UN-FAO, etc.

Anju was a former member of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG). She is an alumni of the Internet Governance Capacity Building Program in 2009 and was an ISOC Ambassador to the IGF in 2008 in Hyderabad, India, and a Commonwealth IGF fellow and member of the UN-Internet Governance Forum and Secretariat team in Azerbaijan, Egypt, Turkey and Indonesia. She was chosen to represent Fiji and the Pacific region to work as a fellow at the UN IGF Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland. She continues to advocate on challenges faced by the Pacific countries in the area of ICT, knowledge management and Internet governance.  Anju has been involved Internet Governance processes at global IGF, regional (Pacific and APRIGF) and national level and continues to promote a multistakeholder approach to various stakeholders and communities of practice.

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Ms. Jyotsna MASKAY
Nepal - Chairperson, LOOM (Civil Society)

Jyotsna Maskay is the Chairperson of LOOM, an NGO based in Nepal. LOOM is a feminist space that interconnects with generations of women around sexuality, enterprises, internet movement building and generating access to local funds. LOOM works around freedom of expression, internet and sexuality and focuses on the need to invest in women and ICT, digital security and ensuring towards women's participation in intrenet governance.

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Japan, Attorney at Law (New York), Public Policy & Corporate Governance, Corporate Management Group, Yahoo Japan Corporation (Private Sector)

Kenta Mochizuki is an attorney at law (New York) for public policy & corporate governance of corporate management group, Yahoo Japan Corporation. As an international lawyer, he specializes a wide range of international legal and public policy issues including, but not limited to Internet governance, international taxation, international trade, and international data privacy. He has been participating in many relevant meetings with Japanese government as well as other business sectors, and also attending workshops and seminars hosted by Embassy of the United States in Japan and Delegation of the European Union to Japan.

Kenta has a strong background in the fields of international law and diplomacy. He started his professional career as an administrative attaché for Embassy of Japan in Poland. After spending about 2 years in Warsaw (2010-2012), he continued his diplomatic career as an advisor for WTO Dispute Settlement at Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva (2012-2014). As an international trade law expert, he got actively involved in 6 trade disputes to which Japan is a party as well as more than 20 third-party trade disputes during his term in Geneva. In addition, he participated in various meetings of DSU review negotiations with proponents and produced a lot of reports for the government in order to analyze unsolved items toward convergence.

Kenta has got actively involved in the discussion of Internet governance not only domestically but also globally since he joined Yahoo Japan Corporation. For instance, he attended the high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly on the overall review of the implementation of the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in New York, in December 2015. Moreover, he served as a panelist for a workshop "WSIS+10 and Beyond: Where do we Stand in Africa? What are the Main Challenging Issues and Proposals for Implementation?" at WSIS Forum 2016. On behalf of Yahoo Japan Corporation, he also held a workshop titled "Asia-Pacific Region's Best Practices in a New Internet Era: Safe and Secure Cyberspace for Youth" in 2016 APrIGF Taipei.

Kenta earned his LL.B. Degree from Kansai University. He also earned his LL.M. in International Law Degree from Kobe University Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, and LL.M. in International and Comparative Law Degree from George Washington University Law School. He has been admitted to practice law in the courts of New York since September 2015.

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Mr. Sivasubramanian MUTHUSAMY
India - President, Internet Society India Chennai (Civil Society)

Sivasubramanian Muthusamy is Proprietor of NameShop, India, which has applied for a new gTLD from ICANN. Prior to this he served as the Director of Whitefield Cottons Pvt. Ltd. He has 24 years of cross-functional business experience in the areas of overall business Management with exposure to various functional areas. He is a Strategic planner with a very broad perspective and vivid conceptual traits, comfortable with technology, especially on a macro scale. First generation entrepreneur from a business family, now well oriented to Internet and Internet Policy. Now divides his time between building up his venture, Turiya, and his voluntary pursuits related to Internet Governance as President of the Internet Society India Chennai Chapter ( ) and ICANN At-Large and the Internet Governance Forum.


Research Phase on Internet Governance, Diplo Foundation Sep – Nov 2010 European Summer School of Internet Governance, Meissen, Germany, August 2009 Advance Course on Privacy: Diplo Foundation, May to July 2009 Online. Internet Governance Capacity Building Program, Diplo Foundation. MBA from Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy, India 1987 B.A. (English Language & Literature) St. Joseph's College, Trichy, India, 1983.

Participation in the Internet Governance space:

  • Organized the third meeting of the Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values at the Internet Governance Forum, Baku, Azerbaizan.
  • Organized a Workshop on Stakeholder Balance ( ) and another on Internet Standards ( ) apart from the meeting of the Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values ( ) at the Internet Governance Forum, Nairobi.
  • Organized a Dynamic Coaltion on Core Internet Values ( ) and a Workshop on International Trade and Internet Governance ( ) at the Internet Governance Forums, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2010. Proposed workshops for the IGF 2011.
  • Organized Workshop on Core Internet Values and a Roundtable on Balancing the need for Security Security and the concern for Civil Liberties ( ) and co-organized a Workshop on Children in the Age of Mobile Access ( ) at the Internet Governace Forum, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, 2009
  • Participated as panelists in two workshops in the Internet Governance Forum, Hyderabad. Dec 03 – 06, 2008
  • Participated in ICANN meetings, Singapore 2014; Buenos Aires, 2013, Durban 2013, Beijing, 2013, Toronto, 2012, Prague, 2012, Costa Rica, 2012, Singapore, 2011, San Francisco, USA, 2011, Sydney, Australia June 20 – 27, 2009, and in the ICANN meeting and the at-Large Summit, Mexico. Feb. 27 – March 7, 2009
  • OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Future of Internet Economy, Seoul, Korea. June 2008
  • Member of the Internet Governance Caucus.
  • International Model United Nations, UN General Assembly, New York as one of the four Delegate from Indian Junior Chamber. July 29 – Aug 2 1991
  • Rotary Group Study Exchange of the Rotary Foundation to Argentina and Paraguay as Exchange Student.
  • 6 weeks in 1994 Rotary International Short term Youth Exchange program to (West) Germany. 4 weeks in Sep 1987


  • Building Suitable Frameworks for Internet Governance: The interplay between Technology and Policy in the Co:llaboratory discussion paper series on Internet Policy Making ( )

Volunteer Experience

Served as a Member of ICANN Working Groups on Registrar Accreditation Agreement, Post Expiry Domain Names Recovery, Vertical Integration working Group, and the cross community working group on GNSO Recommendation 6, At Large whois working group and IDN working group; Served at the IDN Liaison, ICANN At Large Advisory Committee 2009; Serving as President of Internet Society India Chennai which is also an ICANN At Large Structure.

Contact Information

Sivasubramanian M, Whitefield, 389/1 Perundurai Road, Erode 638 011, Tamilandu, India Phone: +91 99524 03099 Email: [email protected]

  • Blog:
  • Blog:
  • facebook:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Twitter:
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India, Asia Pacific - Hash1 Consultancy (Academia)


  • Worked on student projects in Under Graduate and Post Graduate levels and handled classes from B.Sc Computer Science, BCA, B.Com (CA), B.Com (e-commerce) and was running a project institution by name KRIVIN Infoway in Coimbatore in the year 2005. 
  • Worked on International projects for students in MBA and MS for foreign universities like, Robert Gordon University, Deakin University, Central Queensland University, Aberdeen Business School in the year 2005.
  • Worked in an e-publishing company by name  M/s. Welkyn IT Solutions, Race Course Road, Coimbatore in the year 2011.
  • Worked on Ph.D. and M. Phil Thesis, Paper Publication in peer reviewed journals, documenting and thesis writing, statistical and mathematical analysis of problem solving.
  • Worked as part time mentor training GRE, GMAT students with Neelaruns Study Center, Aar Pee Complex, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore.
  • Active Member of Internet Society with Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum and Delhi Chapters.
  • Mystery Shopper for various mystery audit groups for the past 4 years and have a wide knowledge of conducting mystery audits with its Dos and Donts.
  • Currently working as training faculty for GRE, GMAT, SAT study center in Global Ties, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore.
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Ms. Louise NASAK
Technical & Internet Governance Manager, Telecommunications & Radiocommunications Regulator (TRR) (Government)

Bio not available.

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Mr. Ananda NIRAULA
Kathmandu, Nepal - Nepal Police (Government)

I am working in cyber crime unit in Nepal Police from past 7 years. I am associated with working as Cyber Crime First Responder, computer and mobile forensics in Nepal Police. I take class regarding cyber crime for students of school and college.

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Japan - Business Taskforce, The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) (Civl Society)

Izumi Okutani is a Senior Professional of Business Taskforce in IGES.

Previous to IGES, she has performed as Policy Liaison in Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC), a National Internet Registry (NIR) managing the internet number resources in Japan.

She has served as Chair of NIR SIG in the APNIC forum from 2005 to 2013, a Special Interest Group for National Internet Registries. She has serves as a Co-Chair of ISOC Advisory Council(2013-2015), Program Committee of ISOC-JP, Chair of the CRISP Team on the IANA Stewardship Transition (2014-2016) and a MAG member of global IGF (2014-2016) in which she had served as a Coordinator of IPv6 Best Practices Forum from 2015-2016.

She currently serves a member of i18n team of Japan Network Operators Group (JANOG), and serves as a member of APNIC Executive Council since March 2017.

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Mr. Rom Kant PANDEY
Nepal - Assistant Professor, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu (Academia)

Mr. Rom Kant Pandey, Assistant Professor of ICT Education, has been involved to promotion of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in education sector in Nepal since 2000. He has trained more than 50,000 peoples about the Internet and its technology. He is also involved on ICT sector social organization in Nepal as Vice-President of CAN Federation of Nepal ( and General Secretary of Internet Society Nepal Chapter ( ). He has been involved on policy advisory role as a member of ICT council, Government of Nepal which is chaired by prime Ministry of Nepal.

He is involved in IGF activities from 3 year and now MSG member of Nepal IGF. He has play significant role to conduct the Nepal IGF 2017 as host (Internet Society Nepal's General Secretary).

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Mr. Kyung Sin PARK
Seoul, South Korea - Executive Directore, Open Net Korea (Academia)

Served as Commissioner (1 of 9) at Korean Communication Standards Commission, a Presidentially appointed Internet content regulation body (2011-2014). Served as Member(1 of 20) of the National Media Commission, a Parliament-appointed advisory body on newspaper-broadcasting co-ownership bans and other media and Internet regulations (2010). Served as International Relations Counsel to the Korea Film Council and arranged the Korea-France Film Co-production Treaty, and advised on the UNESCO Cultural Diversity Convention (2002-2007). Has served both as Executive Director, PSPD Law Center (2008-), and Open Net Korea (2013-) which have pursued and won several high profile impact litigation and legislative advocacies in freedom of speech, privacy, net neutrality, web accessibility, digital innovation, and intellectual property, including the striking down (or defending against) of the Internet real name law, the Minerva false news dissemination law, the law on warrantless seizure of subscriber identity data, the search and seizture of electronic mails without notification to the mail authors, the bad faith copyright takedown notice, the law requiring government-backed electronic signatures for all online payments, imposition of excessive criminal penalties on small copyright violations, imposition of excessive stigmatizing criminal and monitoring penalties for viewing obscene material involving virtual non-existent child characters, the government websites inaccessible to visually impaired, etc. Founded Korea University Law Review and the Law Schools' Clinical Legal Education Center and spearheaded and under that Center.

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Ms. Minjung PARK
Seoul, South Korea - Senior Research Associate, Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) (Government)

Minjung Park is in charge of international relations at KRNIC(Korea Network Inf ormation Center ) of KISA(Korea Internet & Security Agency).

Minjung joined KISA in 2004 and since then has been involved in developing both domestic and international policy for IDN ccTLD. Ms.Park has been participating in ICANN and APTLD meetings since 2004 and was involved in most of the IDN ccTLD related WGs. Ms.Park was also deeply involved in developing registration policy for second level in Korea which was successfully launched in 2006 and was in charge of implementing Korean ccTLD '.한국', which was also successfully launched in 2011. She received a Master of International Studies(M.I.S) from the Graduate School of International Studies at Ewha Womans University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in French Literature and a Bachelor of Business Administration, both from Ewha Womans University.

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Mr. Jaechon PARK
Seoul, South Korea - Chair - Korea Internet Governance Alliance (KIGA)

He is currently a professor at Inha University. He is teaching Internet policies at Graduate School of IT & Telecommunications. He was a board member of DACOM( currently LG U+). He earned a bachelor of Engineering at Seoul National University, master of Industrial Engineering at Georgia Institute of Tech and a PhD in Economics at University of Hawaii.

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Ms. Youn Jung PARK
Songdo, Korea - Professor, SUNY Korea (Academia)

Ms. Youn Jung Park holds a Ph.D in Information, Science and Technology. She works at Department of Technology and Society, SUNY Korea, in Songdo, Korea, as professor. Her main research is Internet Governance related institutions including ICANN, ITU, WSIS, IGF and participation of different stakeholders in such institutions.

Ms. Park serves on various committees related with Internet Governance both in Korean Internet community and in global Internet community. Ms. Park served as a names council of the Non-Commercial Domain Names Holders' Constituency/DNSO/ICANN (1998~2002). She also created and chaired the WG-Review, which initiated the review of Domain Name Supporting Organization to improve ICANN. While working as the acting chief executive officer of Multilingual Internet Names Consortium, she helped introduce the concept of multilingual domain names to the ICANN community(2001~2002). She also co-founded the WSIS Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus(2003). She was on the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) (2008~2012). She is the chair of Local Program Committe of the 4th Asia Pacific regional IGF in Songdo.(2013)

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Mr. Adam PEAKE
Tokyo, Japan - Executive Research Fellow/Associate, Professor, GLOCOM, International University of Japan (Civil Society)

Based in Tokyo, Adam Peake works on telecommunications, Internet and broadband policy, and Internet governance. Active in policy-making activities for the deployment and development of the Internet since the mid-1990s, he currently contributes to ICANN and the IGF. Chair of the 2011 ICANN Nominating Committee. Member of the UN Secretary-General's Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) 2006 - 2008, currently part-time Consultant to IGF secretariat.

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Canada - Communications Officer and Researcher, The Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto (Academia)

Irene Poetranto has over five years of experience working in the field of cybersecurity and human rights, namely with the Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada.

Previously, she worked as research and project assistants with the Human Security Report Project at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia's Centre for Southeast Asia Research respectively in Vancouver, Canada. She was also an intern with the United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Regional Office for Southeast Asia in Bangkok, Thailand.

Irene is currently pursuing doctoral studies in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto. Her research examines the variation in how cybersecurity is construed and governed, particularly in Southeast Asia, and its impact on human rights. Irene earned a BA in Political Science from the University of British Columbia and an MA in Political Science and Asia Pacific Studies from the University of Toronto.

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Mr. Krishna Prasad POKHREL
Kathmandu, Nepal - Deputy CTO, WebSurfer Nepal Communication System Pvt. Ltd. (Technical Community)

I began my career in the field of Information Technology as a technical trainer in 2001 and thoroughly enjoyed teaching to several numbers of IT students in various institutes. I joined Websurfer Nepal Communication System Pvt. Ltd., a leading internet service provider in Nepal, in 2009 where I work with various technologies and am responsible for management of technical infrastructure, resources, implementation of the right technology for delivery of quality service to the customers.

I have a degree in MSC – IT from Sikkim Manipal University, India. I have undergone multiple vendor specific trainings, attended various regional and national level conferences and workshops provided by APNIC , APRICOT , SANOG , ISOC , npIX and npNOG. I was awarded fellowship to participate in training on USTTI-2016, APNIC-44, APNIC-46, APSIG-2018.

I am a member of npNOG and Executive Committee member of ISOC - Nepal Chapter. I am also associated with Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN), Federal Computer Association of Nepal ( FCAN ) and npIX. I assist in organizing various programmes, work as a resource person and create a network of IT professionals in Nepal to boost learning and development. I also contribute by providing insights into making policies for the development of the internet technology in the country.

I took the initiative to bring together all the ISPs in Nepal to form a consortium to share CDN nodes in Nepal which has benefitted all the ISPs.

I have contributed over 15 years of my career in the field of Information Technology. With my humble beginning as a trainer and now holding a Senior Level position in one of the leading ISPs in Nepal and my association with various national and international organizations, I look further to become an important contributor towards achievement of exemplary success of the internet technology.

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India - Free software and Open access Hacktivist, Swecha FSMI (Technical)

Gorla Praveen is a memeber of Swecha FSMI and core team lead of JNTU GLUG, a local initiative of GNU/Linux user community. And also youth fellow member at Asia Pacific regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF 2017). He is also the co-founder and co-worker of a startup company which is based on implementing Internet of Things (IoT) in Indian agriculture system . He is currently pursuing his Masters in Telecommunications. His interest includes Free and Open Source Software, Open data, Open Hardware, Open access, Open education, Privacy, Research, Entrepreneurship, Human rights and Internet rights.

As an Hacktivist of SWECHA and a FOSS community member he has been involved in developing and implementing Free and Open source software with an inspiration from Richard stallmen who was behind the development of GNU/Linux and its applications for the open world. His first involvement in Internet and protecting its virtues for the community started in supporting Net Neutrality where the Indian Government thought of implementing differential pricing which is against the Net Neutrality.

He is also an admin member of for making research more accessible for community, as everyone has right to access information of their own choice.

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Mr. Anand Raj
Andhra Pradesh, India - Associate Professor, CSE Department, SR Engineering College (Academia)

Bio not available

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Mr. Kanumuri S RAJU
Sri Lanka - Founder / Innovator / Social Activist (Civil Society)

Mr. Kanumuri s  Raju has Over  25 years  experience in Internet  technologies , Voip , Telecom , Mobile ,I.T, Software Development, Networking mainly on Internet Technologies, Software Industry and Emerging technologies.  He published several concept papers on Internet ||industry; Internet polices etc., Took initiative to establish APISOC. ( Andhra  Pradesh  Internet society ) Involved in various   INTERNET NETWORKING PROJECTS, World Bank Knowledge Gate way, infodev, Community net  projects etc as contributor and as open multi stake holder.  He associated with ISOC ICANN large member ship south central Asia Task force members drive, Minc founding member etc during early days of Internet.. He Implemented so many projects in internet nets , intra nets  , Net Working E-governance, open governance project , Enterprise projects, open source  as open source tech knowledge expert  which crated so many  jobs .in tech industry directly indirectly through his empowerments lectures open innovations etc.

He was active member in ISOC , ICANN, IETF , Open Standards , All major internet groups which worked to build internet www, telecom , broad band , Wireless net works ,Soft switches in early 2000  ( now open switches ) ,  BOT  nets in 1999( know automatic chats and AI ) ,  ASP's ( now cloud ) etc.  His historic paper Indian Internet in ISOC magazine article on developing countries in 1997 is present Digital India project where in  All Indians will brought into digital foot print.  The lack of Information is indirectly responsible to corruption became reality in India and worldwide.  400 million youth of India are looking for corruption free India and New innovation start up make in India. Where in he is actively contributing from last 10 years

NetNeutrality Paper: Self sustainable Human Beings Echo Net work: Next Generation neutral internet

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Mr. Babu Ram ARYAL
Nepal - Founding Vice Chair, MSG of Nepal IGF (Civil Society)

Babu Ram Aryal played significant role on establishing a very inclusive and multi stakeholder national IGF [Nepal IGF] and is the Founding Vice Chair of the MSG of Nepal IGF.

Mr. Aryal has a range of experience in relevant research and practice in ICT Laws, Media Laws and International Business. Some of major researches he involved are: Policy Survey for WorldWideWeb Foundation for the task of Affordability Index 2014 and 2016, Information Security Gap Analysis for Agricultural Development Bank, 2016;Trends of Cyber crime in Nepal and Its Mitigation Measures, 2015,"Drafting Unified Information Technology Bill-2013" (2013), Reviewing Information Technology Laws in Nepal" (2013), "Use of Criminal Laws to Curb Freedom of Expression Online in Nepal" (2012), Mapping Position of Internet and Freedom of Expression in Nepal with reference to UN Special Rapporteur's Report to UN General Assembly" (2012). 

Mr. Aryal is one early contributor to the Secretariat of Asia Pacific School on Internet Governance (APSIG) and played vital role on shaping Nepal School on Internet Governance (npSIG). Mr. Aryal, a cyber law and Cybersecurity expert, based in Kathmandu is also the co-founder of ISOC Nepal and the President of the chapter for two terms [2011-2016) and an expert member of National ICT Council of Nepal, an apex ICT policy body of the Government of Nepal chaired by right Honourable Prime Minister of Nepal.

Mr. Aryal has got LLM from Pune University, India. He is a Media Policy Fellow of Annenberg-Oxford Summer Institute and Cybersecurity Policy Fellow of US Telecommunication Training Institute, USA.

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Mr. Shah Zahidur RAHMAN
Bangladesh - Member, Internet Society Bangladesh Chapter (Technical Community)

Shah Zahidur Rahman is an active member of Internet Society Bangladesh Chapter. Since his participation, he is playing active role for the chapter development and contributing support in local events management. However Shah is First bdSIG Fellow and since 2016 he is working in bdSIG program committee. He has continuous playing vital role for arranging bdSIG every year, its course development and methodology to keep align with APSIG. Beside that he is member of Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF) and having continuous participation in UN Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum Consultation. He also individual member of ICANN-NCSG/NCUC.

Shah is former fellow of IETF, APSIG, APAN, APrIGF and has contributed several workshop organization for those meting as well as session Speaker. Also he is AprIGF 2019 drafting committee member and has playing active role in preparing “Synthesis Document” input and have volunteering in Emerging technology and society. He has extensive knowledge on Internet Governance process and its development and application of shared principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures, and programs that shape the evolution and use of the Internet. He actively participate in the national, regional best practices and policy recommendations, and how to collaborate with other stockholders.

Shah has completed his bachelor degree in Computer Science & Engineering from American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) and have many other technical course certification. He has extensive knowledge on Internet Technology, Enterprise Solutions, Big Data and AI. In his professional experience he had lead Implementing internet 4G nationwide. Also he had worked on both CDMA and GSM technologies. During his professional tenure he had lead several IT-ITES and ICT4D projects and currently also involve in technology business consultancy for SME and Start-up company.

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Ms. Chat Garcia RAMILO
Philippines - Deputy Executive Director , Association for Progressive Communications (Civil Society)

Bio not available

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Mr. Jeremille RATON
Philippines - Supervising E-Commerce Specialist, Department of Trade and Industry (Government)

I love the challenge and the journey of helping people and organizations achieve their AGO and find solutions to their problems.

  • As a Social Entrepreneur: I help people and communities build and start their own social enterprise.
  • As an Organizational Catalyst: I help companies, NGOs and organizations in their strategic planning and change management initiatives and implement the same.
  • As a Cooperative Organizer: I help group of people form, organize and manage a cooperative organization that will suit their economic and social objectives.
  • As a Financial Facilitator: I help people design and develop suitable financial program or product for their needs.
  • As a Digital Integrator: I help people assimilate technology solutions and insights into their strategy and decision-making processes.
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Mr. Shreedeep RAYAMAJHI
Kathmandu, Nepal - Activist/Blogger, RayzNews

An established writer, activist and blogger, Shreedeep Rayamajhi has been associated with online journalism for more than 10 years. Starting his career as a main stream journalist from a national English daily and working his way towards travel writing he has brought issue of concerns by his hard lines and stories.

Recognizing the importance of blogging and news making, currently he practices to be a news and blogging consultant for various local organizations. Founding member of the ISOC Nepal Chapter currently he holds the position of a Life Member. Though a Management post graduates, he interests and blogs about various issues of technology, activism and climate change. Giving importance to blogging and news, Rayznews is one of his current projects. With high flair and motive of understanding the concept of internet as a tool of development for change, he has been working towards raising awareness about various aspect of internet standardization in Nepal.

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Islamabad, Pakistan - Coordinator GenderTech, Bytes for All (Civil Society)

I am a lawyer undertaking human rights research, advocacy and activism.

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Ms. Waltraut RITTER
Hong Kong - Managing Director, Knowledge Dialogues (Civil Society)

Waltraut Ritter is founder and director of Knowledge Dialogues which specializing in applied research relating to information and knowledge society/economy. She has worked in information and knowledge management since 1989, when she served as information management consultant for the United Nations Development Programme in Geneva and New York.

Her focus is on the knowledge economy and innovation initiatives for national and international agencies in the public sector, and she has taken part and contributed to various projects and research conferences organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat, UN, Asian Development Bank, OECD as well as national governments (Finland, India, China and Korea). She is a regular contributor to OECD conferences and was an invited speaker for the OECD Conference on Intellectual Asset-Based Management in Tokyo (2006), an invited civil society representative at the OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy in Seoul (2008), and the OECD World Forum on “Statistics, Knowledge, and Policy” in Busan (2009).

She holds an MA in Information Science, Political Science and Sociology from the Free University of Berlin and an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and was professor for Knowledge Management at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

She has been involved the UN World Summit of Information Society process from 2003 to 2005 and subsequent UN Internet governance forum work as invited speaker on public sector information policies in Hong Kong at the IGF meeting in 2010. Since 2010, she serves on the Digital21 Strategy advisory board of the Hong Kong S.A.R. Government, with a focus on Open Data initiatives.

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Mr. Adeel SADIQ
Pakistan - Huawei Pakistan (Technical)

Adeel Sadiq is currently working as a Network Engineer in Huawei Pakistan and he holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He was a [email protected] in Morocco and [email protected] Ambassador in Finland. He is also part of Middle East and Adjoining Countries Starategy Working group of ICANN where he contribute my part to help devise an inclusive starategy that ICANN should adopt for my region. He have been involved with different working groups of ICANN At-Large like Technology Task Force and Capacity Building, including Non Commercial User Constituency, Asia Pacific Regional At Large Organization Mentorship Program and Youth Coalition on Internet Governance. He has also attended IGF 2015 in Brasil and was an ISOC Ambassador to IGF 2016 in Mexico. He was a fellow to pioneer edition of Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy, an initiative by ICANN and Korean government in South Korea. He has presented his research in IPv6 Security at IEEE Trutcom in Australia and planning to take his work to IETF for a proposed Internet Draft. He has attended an APNIC meeting on student fellowship and an APrIGF. He was a RIPE NCC Academic Co-ordination Initiative fellow to MENOG 16. He is also working with IGFSA to help organize a national IGF for Pakistan.

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Dubai (UAE) - Sr. IT Infrastructure Project Manager, Pepsi- Dubai Refreshments ( PepsiCo Bottler) (Private Sector)

Mohit is an awarded "ISOC- Next Generation Leader" and the founding member for the ISOC Chapter in UAE. He works as a "Sr. IT Infrastructure Project Manager" with Pepsi- DRC a PepsiCo bottler in the UAE, where his current responsibility includes the overall Project management for IT Infrastructure requirements for the new bottling plant with IT investment of AED 40 Million ( $ 11 Million). He is also a regular contributor to the various professional forums and magazines. He is passionate about technology but at the same time understands the importance of policies and processes to deliver value.

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Mr. Hriday Ch., SARMA
India - Founder & Team Coordinator, Center for South-Caucasus-South Asia Business Development (Private Sector)

Mr. Hriday Sarma is a native from India, and a sustainable development professional with expertise on environment and clean energy relating issues. He heads a organization – Center for South Caucasus-South Asia Business Development (aka Caucasus-Asia Center)- which works for market integration between the said regions. He also is officially associated with few credible international organizations in different capacities, like Fellow with South Asia Democratic Forum (a Brussels based think-tank), 'South Asia Coordinator' for International Section of Association for Conflict Resolution (US based organization), India Representative for Squawk Advisors (a Chicago registered private company), etc. He has a total work experience of more than 8 years, and has handled various aspects of business development, including project conceptualization and execution, operations, etc. In the past, he has worked under fellowships offered by Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has extensively got published with various publications, like Small Wars Journal, The Diplomat, TransConflict, etc. Hriday has a MA and MPhil in International Relations, and has done post graduate diploma courses in International Laws and Eco-sustainability. At present, he is working on his Doctorate thesis on a topic concerning energy transition from fossils to renewable. Hriday likes to volunteer with start-ups working on socio-technical innovations.

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Mr. Mubashir SARGANA
Pakistan - General Secretary, ISOC Pakistan Islamabad Chapter (Civil Society)

Cyber Security Professional and Internet Public Policy researcher. National Coordinator at PISA (Pakistan Information Security Association) and Forensic Analyst at PISA – CERT. Actively involved in general Cyber Security / Information Security awareness of community, Incident response and coordination with International CERTs.
Chief Technical Officer of Pakistan Institute of ICTs for Development (PIID).

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Mr. Phet SAYO
New Delhi, India - Senior Program Officer, International Development Research Centre (IDRC) (Technical)

For almost twenty years, Phet Sayo has investigated the impacts of the networked information society on human development in South and Southeast Asia.

As a Senior Program Officer for the Networked Economies programme of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), he manages a portfolio that supports research projects/networks on digital rights, censorship and surveillance, the right to privacy in the digital age, intellectual property rights, ICT innovations, and Internet governance.

Before joining IDRC's regional office in New Delhi, Phet worked with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Malaysia and Thailand. As an author and editor, he has contributed to numerous UN publications, including ICT Policies and e-Strategies in the Asia-Pacific: A Critical Assessment of the Way Forward, and Internet Governance: Asia-Pacific Perspectives.

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Singapore - Journalist (Civil Society)

A media professional Mili works as an Editor at Travel Daily Media and has lived and worked in India, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore. She was an ICANN 63 Fellow and an NCUC Fellow at ICANN 64. She is currently a member of APRALO and NCUC. She is an inSIG 2018, APrIGF 2017 and 2019 Fellow. She currently leads Youth4IG- APAC's first and only youth fellows coalition to enhance IG engagement regionally.

She was a Netmission Ambassador in 2013 in Hong Kong and that was her first interaction with the Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) and IG policy space started. She was part of the organising team from Hong Kong that organised over 25 youth from Asia to introduce youth participation at ICANN 49 Singapore and other IG forums. Their efforts led to the formation of the [email protected] Programme later.

Since 2013, her involvement has grown as a devoted volunteer and fellow at regional forums, yIGF, APrIGF where she is a part of the Member of MSG and Co-chair of Program Committee, IGF, and YCIG (Youth Coalition on Internet Governance).

In 2017, she worked as a consultant with the IGF Secretariat. She served as supporting IGF consultant for the 2017 Best Practice Forums on Gender and Access and Connecting and Enabling the next Billion Phase 3(CENB-III).The Best Practice Forums (BPFs) are part of the Intersessional work programme of the 2017 Internet Governance Forum (IGF2017). Based on community input she produced best practice documents on selected topics. As a consultant she supported the process and served as the editor of the final outcome document.

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Indonesia - PANDI .id Registry (Technical)

Bio not available.

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Mr. TH Schee
Taipei, Taiwan - Open Knowledge Taiwan (Civil Society)

Since 2002, TH Schee has pioneered several web projects that spawned several local NGOs and start-ups. In 2006, he co-founded Association of Digital Cultures Taiwan, and was the local Taipei Wikimania host in 2007. In 2009, the Association became the first group in Asia to manage mobilized digital communities for crowdsourcing government data in response to a national crisis situation. Other endeavors include Puncar, the largest digital inclusion project at the local level. Schee was later awarded an Honorary Mention in Digital Communities from Prix Arts Electronica. Existing social ventures include Open Knowledge Taiwan, the Data Science Program, and various partnership initiatives that span across healthcare, urban development, and public service innovation.

He has been an invited specialist on the UN-GGIM and serves at International Committee on Prix Ars Electronica. He is also mayoral advisor to the Taipei City Government.

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Imran Ahmed SHAH
Pakistan - Founding President, Urdu Internet Society (UISoc), Internet Governance Forum of Pakistan (IGFPak) (Civil Society)

Imran Ahmed Shah belongs to Pakistan, have BBA & MBA (MIS) degrees. Serving Private Sector as IT functional Head and bears 23+ years’ experience in ICT. He is Voluntarily contributing spare-time for Global Policies Development since many years. Founded “Urdu Internet Society (” to unite Linguistic Internet User Community to form the new Linguistic Internet Layers with excellence. Since 2009 he is active member of Civil Society IG Caucus ( and participating in the discussions about the global Internet Governance issues. Representing UISoc, he is participating in discussion forums and meetings of IGF since 2009. Following the WSIS Tunis agenda, he founded “Internet Governance Forum of Pakistan (” in 2010. IGFPAK has organized IGF Remote Hub at International Islamic University, Islamabad and conducted IGFPAK-2011 Conference. IGFPAK is also facilitating the rejuvenation exercise of ISOC Pakistan Chapters formation by providing a Common Hub for ISOC PAK Activities.

Beside Civil Society interest, being a technologist, he has been leading some professional User Groups like “Rational User Group, Tivoli User Group and WebSphere User Group of Pakistan”. He also participated in UN-Global Alliance Forum for ICT Development. He is also member & coordinator of Expert Panel of ICT4D of National Technology Foresight Committee. Since 2006 Imran is also involved with ICANN Policy Development Process and has read his papers for gTLDs conflict resolution at public forum of [email protected] Meeting. He is also promoting Information Security Professional and highlighting their support for workforce improvements.

He is very much concerned with the Localized Internet, IDN TLDs and new gTLDs that may increase digitally divided segments significantly. He is advocating for the Excellence in IDN base Internet Layers to avoid the intensification digitally divided communities. He is also encouraging to promote the idea of Internet-4-Kids and Contents Development to deliver the best knowledge of the World for Innocent Minds. Successfully organized Workshop at [email protected] in 2013 on Governance for the Internet of Kids, Teenagers and Youngsters and working for a Global consortium to establish Civilized and Secure Internet for Next Generation.

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Ms. Sana SHAMS
Pakistan - Research Fellow & Manager, Center for Language Engineering (Technical)

I am currently working as a Research Fellow, at Center for Language Engineering (, Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Sciences. My area of research interest includes exploring the contribution of ICTs specifically Internet in social and economic development of individuals with a specific focus on gender empowerment. Presently I have been awarded a research grant by Global Development Network, India, through GRC, to investigate the residual impact of ICT integration for a sustainable project design. As a Project investigator, I am responsible for designing the study in both Pakistan and Nepal and statistically analyzing the data to see it educational outcomes of school students increase with the help of Internet resources and availability of computers in schools. In addition I am also leading a research project (\eulr) granted by DAAD Germany to our Center, (CLE) that aims to develop essential linguistic resources for Urdu language, e.g. Corpora, WordNet, to aid in development of advanced computation applications like online machine translation system, online dictionary, text to speech translation systems, etc. This work is being done in collaboration with the department of linguistics in University of Konstanz, Germany. I am also serving as a project manager of Center for Language Engineering, through which I am responsible for client management, interaction with the donor organizations, development of proposals for funding, and overseeing the day to day functioning of the center, including financial and HR management. My prior research assignments include:

Asia Pacific Networking Group ( I have been selected as a Fellow to attend four consecutive APNG camps held in Kyoto (Japan) 2004, Taipei (Taiwan) 2005, Singapore 2006 and Xian (China) 2007. In 2006, I was selected as the Chair of Internet Culture WG.

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Nepal - President, Internet Society Nepal Chapter (Civil Society)

Mr. Shrestha is the founding treasurer of the Internet Society Nepal currently he holds the position of President of Internet Society Nepal Chapter and Treasury of Information Technology Security Emergency Response Team, Nepal (ITSERT-NP). Professionally he is working as Head of e-Banking & Information Security Officer (ISO) at the Sanima Bank Limited. Mr. Shrestha is a well known banking professional having extensive experience in managing and leading major functions like ICT and Banking System as well as Card and e-Banking System in leading commercial banks in Nepal.

Mr. Shrestha's major focus is to bringing the world's latest on Information Technology to Nepal and benefit the country. In this beckon, Shrestha is actively working for growing the IT capacity in the country and expanding the organization's network across the world and has already successfully conducted numerous workshop, seminars and conference in order to introduce the global hot cakes into the country where several esteemed speakers have attended. He has also attended the fellowship program in INET Sir Lanka and Global INET in Geneva, Switzerland. He was an Internet Cooperation for Assigned Name and Numbers (ICANN) fellow at ICANN45 in Toronto, Canada, ICANN48 in Buenos Aires, ICANN50 in London United Kingdom and ICANN 54 in Dublin.

Mr. Shrestha was one to establish an internet service provider (ISP) a first of its kind in his locality Hetauda. Besides, he has interest in music has a result of which, he produced two musical albums sung and composed by himself.

Mr. Shrestha has more than fourteen years experience in Nepalese banking sector. He started his career with Bank of Kathmandu Ltd, and had ten year of experience. Apart, Mr. Shrestha was also as Head- Card Center at Bank of Kathmandu Ltd, Prior to this position, he had worked for Information Technology Department in the Bank of Kathmandu and had significant roles to implement the state-of-the–art technologies.

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Mr. Santosh SIGDEL
Nepal - General Secretary, Internet Society Nepal (Civil Society)

Bio not available..

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Mr. Rajnesh SINGH
Singapore - Regional Director, Asia-Pacific, Internet Society (ISOC) (Civil Society)

Rajnesh Singh is Regional Director of the Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau at the Internet Society where he oversees projects, initiatives and activities across the Internet Society's functional and programmatic areas in the Asia and Pacific region, including Public Policy, Capacity Building and Internet Standards and Technology.

Prior to joining the Internet Society, Rajnesh played founding and leading roles in several technology and private equity investment firms, and still maintains varied business interests. In his professional capacity, Rajnesh has consulted on communications & power infrastructure, project management and business strategy for medium to large companies and organisations in the Asia-Pacific region. He has also held advisory roles across multiple sectors ranging from governmental organisations to sporting organisations and the private sector.

Rajnesh has worked extensively with the Asia-Pacific Internet community, and has held several leadership roles, including Founding Chair of ICANN's Asia Pacific Regional At-Large Organisation (APRALO) and Chair of the Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society. He has worked extensively on ICT policy, training and capacity building in the region, including delivering programmes for UN agencies.

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Ms. Jianne Morny Sarmiento SORIANO
Hong Kong - Ambassador of NetMission.Asia, NetMission.Asia (Civil Society)

Jianne Soriano has participated in Internet Governance discussions since 2013 when she was just 18 years old. After producing a research essay on the relationship of Cyberbullying to Suicide Rates, she was the leader of the team of first non-Chinese students to represent the Hong Kong youth in the United Nations Internet Governance Forum 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. She paneled for several workshops including Privacy and Security and Child Protection and Child Rights. In 2015, she was the organizer of the Youth Internet Governance Forum in Macao and also a speaker for Youth Participation in Internet Governance workshop. In 2016, when the HKYIGF was initiated, she was also one of the core organizers as well as one of the group leaders.

Because of her experience in Internet Governance discussions, she was the organizer for the Youth Internet Governance Forum 2016 in Taipei, making her an organizer for two consecutive years and marking her fourth internet governance forum in three years. She was also a panelist for two workshops including Internet Policy Impact on Wildlife Environment and Wildlife Friendly Practices and Youth Engagement in Internet Governance in Asia. Besides, she has also promoted the importance of ICT to primary schools and continuously shared her experiences in internet Governance in various events including being featured in newspapers, RoadShow and a radio program.

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Mr. Chester SOONG
Hong Kong - Chairman, Hong Kong, Internet Society (ISOCHK) (Civil Society)

Chester Soong is currently the Chairman for the Internet Society (Hong Kong Chapter), Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific Region Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) Multi-stakeholders Steering Group for the current expiring term, and council member of Information Security and Forensics Society (ISFS). He is currently a technical advisor (Information Technology and Communications) to the Employees Retraining Board of Hong Kong SAR Government. He is also a lecturer of the Post Graduate Diploma program on IT Forensics of HKU SPACE on e-Business related legislations and cyber-crime management.

He is now an independent consultant on information security and personal data privacy. He has previously worked for the Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data as Chief Personal Data Officer heading the Policy and Compliance Division. Before taking on his enforcement role at the Hong Kong DPA, he has been an information security consultant for over 15 years. He started his own ISP outfit back in 1994, and was working for Citibank N/A as Project Officer before that. Chester graduated from California State University, Fullerton with double majors in Information Systems and Finance and LL.M degree in IT&IP Law from the University of Hong Kong.

In terms of IGF experience, I have joined one global IGF in 2013 at Bali and two APrIGF events during 2015 and 2016 in Macau and Taipei respectively. I have contributed in the organizational works of the two APrIGF sessions mentioned above and helped in speaking at three of the workshops at the APrIGF Taipei.

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New Zealand - Policy Director, InternetNZ (Technical)

Ellen is currently Policy Director for InternetNZ, leading Internet issues and policy related projects and engagement for the organisation. Ellen has been with InternetNZ since 2012 and previously worked as InternetNZ's Community Programme Director leading New Zeland's National IGF initiative NetHui and community funding work. Ellen holds a PhD from University of Queensland, having researched regional ICT Policy in the Pacific Islands region, and she served on the Board of the Pacific Islands ISOC Chapter from 2010-2016.

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New Delhi, India - Head of Cyber Initiative, Observer Research Foundation (Civil Society)

Arun Sukumar heads ORF's Cyber Security and Internet Governance Initiative and is the Co-Chair of CyFy: The India Conference on Cyber Security and Internet Governance. He is the elected Vice Chair of the Asia-Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum. By invitation from the UN Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), Arun recently served as an independent legal expert to the UN GGE, the intergovernmental forum tasked with conceiving cyber norms. He was also the non-governmental representative in India's official delegation to the Tallinn Manual consultations to articulate laws of armed conflict in cyberspace.

Arun is a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on the Digital Economy and Society. He has previously served on the editorial board of The Hindu, and is a lawyer by training.

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Mr. Zakir SYED
Pakistan - Manager (Telecoms & ICT), SAMENA Telecommunications Council (Civil Society)

Zakir Syed is an ICT for development, ICT for education, technology strategy and research professional having in depth knowledge of emerging technologies and innovation, policy, regulations and latest trends in the role of ICTs in different sectors. With over 8 years of experience in the ICTs, professional services, research, public policy and training industry at different organizations, he has been working as consultant and advisor with a number of organizations. At present, he is associated with a number of for-profit and non-profit organizations on different strategic positions working towards achieving the macro organizational goals. Zakir has contributed to a number of high-level studies on international level with different organizations including the SAMENA Telecommunications Council, ITU/UN, ICANN, ISOC, among others.

Twice selected as ICANN fellow from Pakistan, Zakir was recently a mentor/coach as part of the fellowship program at ICANN52 in Singapore, Zakir is also an alumnus of ISOC's NGL program and has in-depth knowledge of the policy issues in the regional Internet landscape. By training, Zakir is a Software Engineer having done his BSE (Hons) from City University in Pakistan. He did his MBA and has also completed Postgraduate course work with majors in Information Technology at NUST Pakistan.

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Ms. TAN Sze Ming
Malaysia - Programme Officer for Digital Rights & Security, Culture of Openness, Sinar Project, Malaysia (Civil Society)

Sze Ming is the programme officer for Sinar Project, working on digital rights for privacy, freedom of expression & information and culture of openness. Previously, she was a student activist and a part time environmentalist. Also, she worked with several Malaysian State Assemblymen/women. Throughout the years, she have gained vast experiences and knowledge relates to legislation and government policies. Currently, Sze Ming has an on-going side project with a group of young greenies with a purpose to empower and raise awareness among youth to take action against climate change. Sze Ming studied at one of the local university in Northern region of Malaysia for Development studies, and now doing her master degree in Public Policy.

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Mr. Sonam TENZIN
Bhutan - Sr. ICT Officer, Promotion and Policy Division, Department of Information Technology& Telecom (Government)

Sonam Tenzin is from Bhutan. He has completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Information Communications Technology in India and Australia. He currently works for the Department of Information Technology & Telecom under the Ministry of Information and Communications.

He has been involved with national ICT private sector development initiatives, and was programme manager for a number of projects and programmes funded by the Royal Government of Bhutan, ADB, ESCAP, SAARC Development Fund, GoI and many others. He also plays an active role in solving internet governance issues in Bhutan.

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Mr. Sujan THAPA
Nepal - Director - Technology & Operations, Broadlink Network & Communication Pvt. Ltd. (Technical Community)

I am working as Director for Operations and Technology in Broadlink Network and Communications Pvt. Ltd. 

From last 16 years with leadership role I have worked for the continued development of Internet technologies and infrastructure. 

I have actively engaged in various research & development of internet technologies and services. Also provided professional consulting services to same industry with adaptation of right technologies for delivery quality internet services. 

COO/CTO – Sky Cable TV Pvd. Ltd. 
CTO – Websurfer Nepal Communication Network Pvt. Ltd. 
Sr. Network & System Engineer – Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd. 

I have assist in organizing various programs, work as a resource person and create a network of IT professionals in Nepal to boost learning and development. I am regular contributor for the development of the internet technology by providing insights into policy making in the country.

Furthermore, I am member of program committee of Nepal IGF for managing Nepal IGF 2019, whereas I participated in APrIGF 2019, as speaker.

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Mr. Leonid TODOROV
Moscow, Russia - General Manager, APTLD (Technical)

Leonid Todorov, General Manager, APTLD
He earned his M.A. in Linguistics from Moscow State Pedagogical and did postgraduate studies in international relations, management and business leadership, and economics in Denmark, Taiwan and US.

Since the onset of the Russian reforms, he has served for more than a decade as Chief of Staff to the late PM Yegor Gaidar. His background also includes private sector and academic activities.

In 2008, he joined the Сoordination Сenter for .RU top level domain as Head of Government and International Relations and contributed to the success of the Cyrillic-script IDN ccTLD .РФ and the launch of new gTLDs . ДЕТИ (kids) and .TATAR.

As a member of the Organizing Committee, Leonid has also been engaged in creation and promotion of the Russian Internet Governance Forum, the biggest event of its kind across Eastern and Central Europe and the post-Soviet Space. He also sits on the Steering Group for the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG). In 2013-2014, he sat on the ISOC Advisory Business Council and currently is a member of the CCNSO ICANN's Strategic and Operations Plan Working Group.

Leonid is a faculty member of the European Summer School on Internet Governance.

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Mr. Mohammad Kawsar UDDIN
General Secretary; Internet Society Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter (Civil Society)

Mr. Mohammad Kawsar Uddin has been in the ICT industry since 1999. Well known person in the ICT community of Bangladesh. Now he is the General Secretary of ISOC Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter (ISOC-BD Dhaka), Board of Trustee Member of Bangladesh Network Operators Group (bdNOG) & Executive Member of Bangladesh ICT Journalist Forum (BIJF).

He was also the immediate first President of the BIJF. BIJF is working for the development of Science and ICT movement of Bangladesh and to stimulate & facilitate the growth structure of the sector. He is also Joint Secretary of Bangladesh Science Writers and Journalists Forum (BSWJF), which is one of the members of World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ). Other than this he is also the Member of Bangladesh Computer Society. This is the government approved Association for ICT Professional in Bangladesh. He is the member of Bangladesh Open Source Network (BdOSN). He is one of the founder members of who played important role in rejuvenating Internet Society Bangladesh Dhaka chapter.

He has some other professional affiliations with International organizations like Member of International Institute for ICT Journalism and Asia Media Forum. He played important role to publicity the different news and features regarding Internet related issues for better understanding of the general people.

Involvement in different activities of ISOC Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter since its inception in 2011. As a member of ISOC-BD, he actively participated in planning and arranging IPv6 workshops, IPv6 global launch, workshop on network security, DNSSEC workshop Bangladesh.

Participated in the several conference and workshop all over the world to developed leadership and technical skills. Such as 'ICANN 52 Meeting'  from 8-12 February 2015, 'Samsung Forum 2014' from 17-19 February 2014 in Bali, Indonesia, 'APNIC 36 Conference' from 25-31 August 2013 in Xi'an, China, 'Global INET' from 22-24 April 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland, 'ICTD 2010 Conference' from 13-16 December 2010 in Royal Holloway University of London, LIRNEasia Tutorial and Dissemination event (June 21-22, 2010) and ICA Conference (June 22 – 26, 2010) in Singapore, '6th World Conference of Science Journalists' from 29 June–3rd July 2009, in London, United Kingdom organized by World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) and Association of British Science Writers (ABSW), 'Third Global Knowledge Conference' from 11–13 December 2007, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia organized by Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP).


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Dr. Karan VERMA
India - Assistant Professor, Central University of Rajasthan (Government)

I'm Dr. Karan Verma, I am an Indian national (Rajasthan) and currently assistant professor at Central University of Rajasthan, it's Indian government University and Director of S-TIDE (Government of India), IETF working group (dots, Ipsec, bofs -its). My BE in Information Technology from Govt. College Rajasthan in 2008, M. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Roorkee in 2010 and Ph.D in Information Technology from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia in 2015, respectively. I have been attending IETF meeting since 2015. I received ISOC fellowship 2nd time (IETF 93 and IETF 96), and One time IEEE-ISOC Fellowship. I'm also involved in the ISOC Delhi Chapter. I am memeber of ISIF and ITU, ICANN, IRTF, and Wiley Advisor.

I have a strong interest in information security, IPv6, 5g, IoTs and I am currently working on Intelligent Transport System Security, IPv6, BGP, IoT and Big Data. I developed a new Combined Model (IP-CHOCK Reference) which includes detection and prevention of DoS attacks. Currently i have handle 2 research DST project, I was submitted project in Beynod the net funding programme "High-density Wireless Access Coverage for crowded events and locations".

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Brisbane, Australia - Director General, Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) (Technical)

Paul Wilson has over twenty years' involvement with the Internet, including 12 years' service as Director General of APNIC, one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), responsible for the distribution and management of IP addresses and related critical Internet resources for the Asia-Pacific region.

In his current role, Paul represents the activities and interests of the Asia Pacific Internet community in local and global forums related to the technical development and management of the Internet. As a non-profit body within the Internet technical community, the role and importance of APNIC is well-known.

Prior to joining APNIC, Paul accumulated over ten years experience in the Internet industry, including work with business, civil society and technical sector organisations.

From 1989, Paul helped establish the first independent ISP in Australia, serving from 1992 to 1997 as CEO. During this time, he helped establish the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), and served as an APC Council and Executive Board member.

Also during the 1990s Paul undertook work on ICT projects for UN and other international agencies. In 1992, he joined the APC technical team providing Internet services to the Rio Earth Summit. From 1994, he helped establish IDRC's Pan Asia Networking (PAN) Program, which introduced and developed Internet services in many developing Asian economies. He continued work on PAN projects in countries including Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, PNG, and China; and on similar activities in several countries of Latin America.

Paul is today a highly experienced and respected member of the global Internet community, with a record of service on boards and committees of groups including: Asia Pacific Internet Association (APIA), Asia Pacific Networking Group (APNG), Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF), Number Resource Organization (NRO), Internet Society (ISOC) Advisory Committee, DotAsia Organisation (.Asia) Advisory Committee, and Association for Progressive Communications (APC).

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Mr. Kelvin WONG
Singapore - Head of Outreach and Public Responsibility, Asia Pacific, ICANN (Technical)

Kelvin Wong is ICANN's Head of Outreach & Public Responsibility for Asia Pacific. As a member of the global stakeholder engagement team based in Singapore, Kelvin is responsible for engaging ICANN's various stakeholde rs in the Asia Pacific region, identifying strategic priorities for the Singapore hub, and is part of the region's core team to chart policy and strategy.

Prior to ICANN, Kelvin was with the Singapore government, where he was involved in the formulation of national policies and strategies in a wide range of sectors. He managed the digital technology and media policies in the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, before moving to the Ministry of Finance to head the Resource Management Unit shaping the use of government resources. He later helped to oversee the culture and heritage sector in the then-newly formed Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.

Kelvin received his Bachelor and Master's degree in Engineering from the Department of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan. He is fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese, and speaks some Korean.

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Mr. Kuo Wei WU
Taipei, Taiwan - CEO of NIIEPA; Board of Directors of ICANN Member (Technical)

Mr. Kuo Wei Wu is a CEO of NIIEPA based in Taipei (NIIEPA focus on the consultancy in Information Security Management System (ISMS), Personal Data Information Management System (PDIMS), and Internet Policy Research). He is also a member of the board of directors of ICANN based in Los Angels, CA. He was a member of the board of directors of PIR (Public Interest Registry) from Jan. 2008 til March 2010. He was also a member of executive council of APNIC from March 1999 til March 2010; a member of board of directors of TWNIC from July 2002 til Oct. 2011. He was a vice president of Acer, Inc. from July 2000 til Nov. 2003; a senior vice president of Yam Digital Inc. from April 1998 til June 2000; and a deputy director of NCHC (National Center for High Performance Computing) from June 1990 til March 1998; a senior programmer/analyst of Cray Research, Inc. from July 1984 til May 1990. He received his MS in Computer Science from Columbia University in 1982; MS in Mathematical Science from University of Cincinnati and had a teaching position in Kentucky Wesleyan College from 1982 til 1984. He also organized several High Performance Computing and Internet Conferences, such as HPC-Asia, Inet’97, Inet’98, The fourth Asia OSS Symposium in Asian Cities.

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Ms. Hong XUE
Beijing, China - Director of Institute for the Internet Policy & Law; Professor, Beijing Normal University (Academia)

Dr. Hong Xue is a Professor of Law and the Director of the Institute for the Internet Policy & Law at Beijing Normal University (BNU). Prof. Xue is an elected Top Ten Nationally Distinguished Young Jurists by the China Law Society. She is an invited professor to teach at Torino Law School-WIPO Master of Laws in Intellectual Property and works with the World Intellectual Property Academy to provide training for Intellectual Property officers from developing countries. Prof. Xue was the Residential Fellow of Yale Information Society Project and is the Chinese Lead for Global Academy on Access to Knowledge. She is the Faculty Chair of Asia Pacific Internet Leadership Project (APILP). She is on the Editorial Board of World Intellectual Property Journal, the Advisory Panel of the Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law, the Expert Advisory Board of Diplo Foundation. She is in the United Nations Network of Experts for Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific (UNNExT). She is an arbitrator at CIETAC, UDRP neutral at WIPO and ADNDRC. She is WIPO-appointed panelists for Legal Rights Objection (LRO) procedure in ICANN new gTLD program. She is an ICANN ccNSO councilor and the Chair of Council of Chinese Domain Name Users Alliance. She is on the Board of China Copyright Society and Advisor to the Ministry of Commerce on Electronic Commerce. Her latest book is "International Intellectual Property Law @ Crossroad" published by China Law Press in 2012.

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Ms. Wen ZHAI
China - Policy Analyst and International Affairs Specialist, China Organizational Name Administration Center (CONAC) (Government)

No bio available.

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Beijing, China - Community Relations, DotAsia Organisation (Technical )

Bio not available.

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Mr. Zuan ZHANG
China - Policy Analyst, China Organizational Name Administration Center (CONAC) (Government)

My name is Zuan Zhang, from China Organizational Name Administration Center (CONAC), currently serving as Domain Name Policy Analyst. Since ICANN 46th Beijing Meeting held in April, 2013, I have been involved in ICANN. Within ICANN, currently I am serving as the Asian/ Pacific Representative on the Executive Committee of Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC).

Outside of the ICANN sphere, I also have a strong interest in internet governance, which formulates the principles for the Internet to be connected and running in a multi-stakeholder way. I would like to contribute to the development of IG in my community and the Asia/Pacific region.

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