APrIGF Delhi 2014 Main Theme

Internet to Equinet - an Equitable Internet for the Next Billion!

April 2, 2014

Workshop proposals could be proposed based on the overarching theme of APrIGF 2014 "Internet to Equinet" with the sub-themes listed as below.


  • Principles and Roadmap for Internet Governance
  • Enhanced Cooperation & the Multi-stakeholder model
  • Globalisation of ICANN and the IANA function
  • Regional perspectives and differences in Internet Governance
  • Cross-border issues in the Asia Pacific region
  • Interaction of self-regulation and cybercrime
  • Issues for Small Island Developing States
  • Supporting linguistic diversity
  • Internet access: Last mile and Mobile
  • Internet access for remote communities: the First Mile
  • Internet's role in disaster response and management
  • Consumer Protection for users of global Internet services
  • Reconciliation & sharing of best practices in the Justice Sector
  • Internet business in the Asia Pacific region
  • Virtual goods and virtual currencies
  • Policies supporting IPv6 adoption
  • Internet for socio-economic development
  • Others

Please contact sec[at]aprigf.asia for more information.