APrIGF 2018

Re-Election Announcement

August 17, 2018

Elections update: Re-election results announced here on September 3, 2018

Dear MSG members

At the meeting of the MSG held at the APRIGF in Port Vila, Vanuatu, the Election Committee advised the MSG that we should re-run the Vice Chair elections.

It was discovered, AFTER the formal announcement of the person who had gained the majority vote in the online election, that some voters had been able to vote BEFORE the actual election period. The election software did not prevent this from happening. 

The election committee was approached about this anomoly, and resolved to address the situation in some way that also involved consultation with the candidates themselves.

After some discussion of alternative options, that candidates agreed to another election, but with a determined hope that the same technical errors do not occur again.

We have advised Yannis to re-establish the re-election process.

Election dates: From Weds 22 August  to 11.59pm Wednesday 29 August. (UTC Time)

The MSG Electorate:  will remain the same as listed at https://www.aprigf.asia/elections/2018/candidates.html

Individual credentials will be distributed on the day of 22 August, hopefully with none of the credential issues experienced previously 

Clear notification will be given of the election dates and when the election period actually begins (22 August). 

We apologise that we are putting both the MSG and the candidates through this process again, but we want to be fair to all.

As an election committee we have updated our own selection and election processes. 


Chair, Election Committee

Please contact sec[at]aprigf.asia for more information.