APrIGF 2018

Themes Finalized

February 5, 2018

The Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group (MSG) is glad to announced that we have received a total of 78 responses from the Call for Input for the Thematic Survey opened earlier from 14 Sep 2017 to 22 Oct 2017.

Overarching Theme:
Empowering Communities in Asia Pacific to build an Affordable, Inclusive, Open and Secure Internet

Cyber-security has become a key growing concern for many especially in developing economies where security measures has yet to catch up with the exponential growth of online economies and the emerging technologies. How can we assess the risks and ensure a secured Internet in the era of Internet of Things, an autonomous world, or under the rapid development of financial technologies? Are their any law enforcement challenges while maintaining the balance between privacy and protection? 

Online Privacy and Protection
Privacy and data protection are critical issues now, especially as they may come into conflict with freedom of expression, and can result in data-driven discrimination. It is important to protect and respect the rights of users while ensuring digital security as a whole. In addition, it is vital for all stakeholders to cooperate and collaborate on effective policies and frameworks to uphold the freedom of expression online, free flow of information, and the protection of children and youth online.

Access and Empowerment
More than half of the global Internet users belong to the Asia Pacific region but the true benefits bridging the access gap can be realised only if it leads to socio-economic empowerment of the multifaceted human capital in the region. Enabling access not only involves building infrastructure or connectivity, but also other issues such as access to knowledge and information, affordability, accessibility, inclusion, diversity, digital literacy, among other elements.

Digital Economy and Emerging Internet Technologies
Digital trade and e-commerce are key enablers for the development of the global economy, yet they inevitably challenge traditional national borders. Disruptive innovations such as Blockchain, cloud computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, etc have the potential to redesign our interactions in business, politics and society. However, how do we ensure a successful economy with trust, free flow of information, and appropriate domestic and global rules? How shall these emerging technologies or innovations be regulated?

Diversity and inclusiveness are one of the fundamental principles on Internet governance and key to shaping our sustainable future with everyone's voice heard. The related capacity building efforts in engaging women, youth and other marginalised groups are important and shall be encouraged. 

Multi-stakeholder Participation in Internet Governance 
How can we enhance the multi-stakeholder participation and collaboration in Internet Governance? Can the multi-stakeholder model be an effective approach in addressing the issues on Internet Governance?

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