APrIGF 2020

2020 List of Accepted Sessions

August 10, 2020

Please find below the list of accepted sessions out of the total 65 session proposals evaluated by the Program Committee.

(List of submitted sessions and session description here).

Last updated: August 19, 2020


No. Session Title Contact Person Organization Sub-Themes
1 Do cybernorms help or hinder incident response activities? Mr. Pablo Hinojosa APNIC Cybersecurity, Safety and Trust
2 Combating Live Streaming of Online Child Abuse Content Mr. Kamala Adhikari Forum for Digital Equality Cybersecurity, Safety and Trust
3 Not just 0s and 1s : discussing the increasing role of technology in 'women's safety' Smita V Point of View Cybersecurity, Safety and Trust
4 Breaking Encryption: Is it the Panacea for addressing security issue online? Ms. Amrita Choudhury Internet Society Delhi Chapter Cybersecurity, Safety and Trust
5 New approaches to technical capacity building: an action-oriented dialogue Ms. Sylvia Cadena APNIC Foundation Digital Inclusion, Gender Equality and Diversity
6 Access to information: a holistic approach to meaningful digital inclusion. Mr. Winston Roberts IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations & Institutions Digital Inclusion, Gender Equality and Diversity
7 Bridging the digital gender divide: Learnings from the digital gender gap audit scorecard Ms. Liza Garcia Foundation for Media Alternatives Digital Inclusion, Gender Equality and Diversity
8 Promoting internet and human rights: Challenges in Establishing Multistakeholder Collaborations Ms. Wathshlah Naidu Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) Malaysia Human Rights and Ethics
9 Jack and the Tech Giants: Freedom of Expression and Information in the Tech Era Ms. Sutawan Chanprasert DigitalReach Human Rights and Ethics
10 The digital rights landscape in Asia Pacific after COVID19 Mr. Raman Jit Singh Chima Access Now Human Rights and Ethics
11 The Single, Global Internet - A Technical Discussion Ms. Sabrina Lim ICANN Innovation and Development
12 The Internet’s Environmental Impact: an action-oriented dialogue Ms. Sylvia Cadena APNIC Foundation Innovation and Development
13 Learn from Home During COVID-19 Ms. Jenna Man Hau Fung NetMission.Asia Innovation and Development
Merger 1 Accessible digital information, training and libraries: Reducing discrimination for persons with disability Ms. Gunela Astbrink Internet Society Accessibility Special Interest Group Digital Inclusion, Gender Equality and Diversity


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