APrIGF 2020 Synthesis Document

The APrIGF 2020 Synthesis Document Process: Draft1 Now Live!

October 19, 2020 (Updated)

APrIGF 2020 Synthesis Document : Draft 1 open for input until 26 October

The APrIGF annual meeting has concluded, but the process for the Synthesis Document is still ongoing! Draft 1, based on input during the forum is now currently open for public input until 26 October (23:59 UTC). Please go to https://comment.aprigf.asia to contribute and help shape this key regional output document.


September 27, 2020 (Original)

Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum 2020 Synthesis Document – Draft 0 is published! From now until the end of the forum (27-30 Sept) comments (https://comment.rigf.asia/) will be open for all APrIGF participants to reflect issues being discussed. Join us on 29th and 30th September at our live Townhall Sessions (https://2020.aprigf.asia/) where you can directly participate in the Synthesis Document process.

Help shape our key output, make your voice heard!


Draft Timeline

2020 Synthesis Document draft timeline (dates subject to change)


Sept 9

Open for Drafting Committee volunteers

Sept 10

Open input document published

Sept 10 – 19

Open input period 1

Sept 20 – 26

Drafting Committee active working period

Sept 26

Draft 0 pre-meeting draft published

Sept 29 – 30

Virtual Townhall meetings (live input)

Oct 1-10

Drafting Committee active working period

Oct 16

Draft 1 published for public comment

Oct 19-26

Public Input Period 2

Oct 26-end

Drafting Committee active working period

End of Oct

Publish 2020 Synthesis Document

Please contact sec[at]aprigf.asia for more information.