APrIGF Election Process 2016

Candidates are now published!

August 1, 2016

The candidates running for the vice-chair (2016-2018) position of MSG of APrIGF have now been listed with the confirmed voting members of Election 2016. The voting period will begin from 8 Aug 2016 until 15 Aug 2016, 24:00 UTC.

Ask them a question online now at the Election 2016 page and join us on 3 Aug, 04:00-05:00 UTC at https://meet36877626.adobeconnect.com/aprigf_msg for an interactive Q&A session with the candidates.

More information about the Operating Principles and Election Procedure of APrIGF MSG, please visit http://aprigf.asia/msg.html.

Thank you very much.