Result Announcement

August 17, 2016

Dear APrIGF Community,

The voting period of the APrIGF Elections 2016 has ended on 15 Aug 2016, UTC 24:00 for the below position in the Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group (MSG):

  • Vice Chair Position (2016-2018)

There were a total of 35 eligible voting members for 2016 in total listed on the Elections Page.

Below is the election result:

Vice Chair Position (2016-2018)

  • Mr Maheeshwara Kirindigoda, Media Secretary of Uva Province Governor's Office (Government) — 4 votes
  • Mr. Kanumuri S Raju, India (Civil Society) — 1 vote
  • Mr. Chester Soong, Chairman, Internet Society Hong Kong — 17 votes
  • Abstain — 1 vote

Total number of votes received: 23 votes

*You may verify your vote with the ballot number given to you via the voting report downloaded from here.

According to the Election Procedure, the election receives over 25% number of votes out of the total eligible voting members and therefore attained quorum.

We hereby announce that Mr. Chester Soong as the Vice-Chair (2016-2018) of the MSG effective immediately.

Congratulations to Chester Soong for his re-election to the Vice-Chair position and thanks to all candidates for their participation!

If there is any enquiries, please contact the Election Committee at election[at]aprigf.asia.