APrIGF 2018

Call For Proposals 2018 Guideline

Feb 13, 2018 (Last updated: Mar 28, 2018)

APrIGF Webinar: Call for Workshop & Community Collaboration Discussions on 14 Mar

Date: 14 Mar 2018 (Wed)
Time: 04:00 - 05:00 UTC (Timezone converter: http://igf.asia/2FrYPWQ)
Adobe Recording of APrIGF Webinar is now available at: http://igf.asia/2tVGIEa
More details about this webinar here.

Potential Speakers List:

List available at: https://igf.asia/wiki_aprigf

Workshop organizers may invite any volunteer speakers on the list to join your session to enrich your proposal.

How to Submit a Workshop

Workshop proposals can be submitted via our online submission system within the deadline. An automatic confirmation email will be sent to the registered email with a special workshop ID. Organizers are allowed to edit their proposals before the submission deadline. Valid workshop submissions will be reflected online within 48 hours.

Interested workshop organizers should review the below evaluation criteria and the various session formats carefully before submitting a proposal. The final 2018 themes are available HERE. Some successful workshop proposals examples are provided for reference.

Session Formats

Below are some of the examples of possible sessions, workshop organizers are welcome to suggest new ideas.

  • Roundtable (60/90 mins) - Interactive dialogue with all participants with designated moderators and not more than 2 speakers.
  • Workshop (60/90 mins) - A more hands-on oriented session with small break out groups. e.g. role-play discussion, fishbowl discussion
  • Tutorials (60 mins) - A capacity building or peer-learning session on specific issues for newcomers or general participants. The format of delivery shall be clearly described in the proposal.
  • Open Forum (30/45/60 mins) - A space for any organizations to showcase their recent Internet governance activities, research findings or any new initiatives to seek engagement or collaboration within the Asia Pacific Community.
  • Fireside Chat (30/45/60 mins) - Share your experiences and ideas, and invite reflection or feedback
  • Bird of Feather (BoF) (30/45/60 mins) – An informal discussion session designed to connect the participants of shared topic of interests without a pre-planned agenda
  • Hackathon (Flexible) – Meet-up for collectively & collaboratively improving software or hardwares
  • Panel (60/90 mins) - Presentation and viewpoints sharing by speakers on a particular topic. The number of speakers on the panel shall not be more than 6 to allow sufficient time for interaction with the floor.
  • Other -  You can also create your own formats, as long as they fit within the allocated times and spaces.

Program Timeline

Program Timeline: Open Call for Workshop Proposals > Program Committee Evaluation > Selected Workshop Result > Program Agenda Release

Deadline of Workshop Proposals Submission: 18 Mar 2018, 24:00 UTC (Sun) 6 Apr 2018, 24:00 UTC (Friday)

The Program Committee 2018 within the Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group (MSG) is responsible for evaluating all the workshop proposals received.  A preliminary list of selected workshop proposals will be announced in mid April which workshop organizers are expected to finalize their speakers or coordinate on a merger session (if required) within a month. The draft program agenda will be published by early May.

Evaluation Criteria

1. Relevance
Are the specific issues to be addressed by the proposal clearly correlated to the designated sub-theme and relevant to the overarching theme of the 2018 APrIGF?

2. Detailedness & Clarity
Does the proposal provide all information requested in the CFP, specifically: fully expounded issues, intended discussion outcomes, viable approach to discussion, and the formation of panelists. The status of confirmation and relevance of panelists to the issues discussed will also be taken into consideration.

3. Inclusion and Diversity
Does the proposed session represent viewpoints from multiple stakeholders and provide diverse geographical, economic, gender and cultural perspectives? Are there at least 2 different stakeholder groups on the panel? Are the listed panelists qualified to represent various distinct stakeholder groups? Does the session contribute to the overall diversity of the APrIGF event?

4. Engagement

Does the session organizer provided details of how the session will be run to promote discussion and engagement from the audience? Does the format selected, the number of speakers and the length of the session proposed support participation from the audience? Does the session organizer given enough information about how they plan to incorporate remote participation and contributions into the discussion?


Additional Note

  • The MSG would like to see more collaborative discussion among the participants and panelists; therefore we encourage proposals that foster interactive dialogues. A description of how you intend the session to be conducted would help the Program Committee better understand your proposal.
  • While there is no strict upper limit of workshop submission from each organizer, the MSG strongly encourage each organizer to focus on submitting quality proposals to enhance the chance to be selected.

**Workshop Mergers: Upon evaluation, the MSG may suggest selected workshop organizers with thematically similar proposals to form mergers in order to accommodate more diverse and quality sessions on the program agenda. Organizers are under no obligation to accept a merger, but risk losing the opportunity to hold their workshop.

Responsibilities of Workshop Organizers

  • Be inclusive and foster new connections between participants
  • Respect diversity of opinion, religion, experience and background
  • Design your workshop to fit under APrIGF 2018 themes
  • Respect your time allocation, plan to maximize the use of the time available
  • Invite different organizations or projects to collaborate on the workshop with you
  • Promote the APrIGF among your network and promote your session
  • Submit a session summary report within 2 weeks after the conference
  • Participate in the Synthesis Document development

Successful Workshop Submission Examples

If you have any technical difficulties with the submission form, please contact the secretariat at [email protected].

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