2016 APrIGF Elections

Candidate Profile

VICE Chair Position (2016-2018)

Mr. Kanumuri S RAJU

Title: Founder / Innovator / Social Activist
Geographical Location: India
Stakeholder Group: Civil Society

Mr. Kanumuri s  Raju has Over  25 years  experience in Internet  technologies , Voip , Telecom , Mobile ,I.T, Software Development, Networking mainly on Internet Technologies, Software Industry and Emerging technologies.  He published several concept papers on Internet ||industry; Internet polices etc., Took initiative to establish APISOC. ( Andhra  Pradesh  Internet society ) Involved in various   INTERNET NETWORKING PROJECTS, World Bank Knowledge Gate way, infodev, Community net  projects etc as contributor and as open multi stake holder.  He associated with ISOC ICANN large member ship south central Asia Task force members drive, Minc founding member etc during early days of Internet.. He Implemented so many projects in internet nets , intra nets  , Net Working E-governance, open governance project , Enterprise projects, open source  as open source tech knowledge expert  which crated so many  jobs .in tech industry directly indirectly through his empowerments lectures open innovations etc.

He was active member in ISOC , ICANN, IETF , Open Standards , All major internet groups which worked to build internet www, telecom , broad band , Wireless net works ,Soft switches in early 2000  ( now open switches ) ,  BOT  nets in 1999( know automatic chats and AI ) ,  ASP's ( now cloud ) etc.  His historic paper Indian Internet in ISOC magazine article on developing countries in 1997 is present Digital India project where in  All Indians will brought into digital foot print.  The lack of Information is indirectly responsible to corruption became reality in India and worldwide.  400 million youth of India are looking for corruption free India and New innovation start up make in India. Where in he is actively contributing from last 10 years

NetNeutrality Paper: Self sustainable Human Beings Echo Net work: Next Generation neutral internet


Other Candidates:

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