2018 APrIGF Election

Candidate Profile

VICE Chair Position (2018-2020)

Mr. Waqas HASSAN

Title:President, Internet Society Pakistan Islamabad Chapter
Geographical Location: Pakistan
Stakeholder Group: Civil Society

Waqas is the President of Internet Society Pakistan Islamabad Chapter. He has been an active volunteer for the IG community of Pakistan, mainly in the field of capacity development, innovative education solutions and multi-stakeholder participation. He is also the Assistant Director (International Liaison & Training) at the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, with regulatory experience of over 14 years that includes international coordination, stakeholder engagement, ICT development analysis, ICT indicators review, Internet Governance, mobile money and civil society engagement.

Waqas has been actively involved in the APrIGF MSG after being selected as APrIGF fellow in 2017. He has served on the drafting committee for 2017 and programme committee for 2018. Furthermore, he is also a DIPLO, APSIG2017 & 2018 fellow, ISOC's SANOG fellow, ISOC chapter fellow to ICANN60 and LIRNEasia's Young Scholar on ICT Policy and Research. Waqas is also a member of the steering committee for Pakistan School on Internet Governance and Pakistan Internet Governance Forum (in process). He has collaborated with various international organizations to hold ICT events and foreign training opportunities for the PTA officers. He has also documented the national and regional ICT Policy developments for various publications and analytical reports. He also contributes as a member of various Internet and telecom expert groups such as ITU's Expert Group on ICT Household Indictors and ITU's Expert Group on Telecommunication and ICT Indicator. He has been a key member of IG capacity building events in Pakistan such as Mobile App Awards, National Broadband Forum, INET Islamabad, Pakistan Digital forum, Disaster Management using ICTs, Mobile App Awards, ICT Indicators Symposium. He holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration as well as Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Technology of Curtin University, Australia.


Other Nominees:

Mr. Babu Ram ARYAL | Mr. Waqas HASSAN