2019 APrIGF Elections

Candidate Profile

VICE Chair Position (2019-2021)

Ms. Sylvia CADENA

Title: Head of Programs, Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)
Geographical Location: Brisbane, Australia
Stakeholder Group: Technical Community

Sylvia Cadena is an Internet for development specialist with 20+ years of experience across Latin America and the Asia Pacific regions. Sylvia has extensive experience on structuring partnerships that support the design, implementation and management of collaborative initiatives around Internet infrastructure, capacity building, public access, content, services and applications. Over the years, she has held positions at an ISP, an aid-agency and a research institution as well as civil society organizations and provide consultancy services for several governmental and inter-governmental agencies, which provides her with a unique understanding of the needs and concerns of multiple stakeholders working around Internet for development.

Sylvia worked at APNIC for the last 9 years on the design and implementation of two main funding partnerships that support Internet development in the Asia Pacific region: the ISIF Asia program and the Seed Alliance. Both, contribute with funding, mentoring and networking opportunities to innovators, researchers and thought-leaders across the Asia Pacific region. Many of the recipients of these partnerships were introduced to Internet Governance as part of the support received, and continue to be actively involved on its processes and discussions, bringing new voices, experiences and perspectives to the IG arena and supporting a multi-stakeholder approach.

On her new role as Head of Programs for the APNIC Foundation, Sylvia is working on the design and implementation of collaborative programs that support the development and growth of a global, open, stable, and secure Internet that serves the entire Asia Pacific community. She leads the design and implementation of projects, donor relations, as well as all aspects of grant-making, from application, selection and evaluation processes to reporting.

Sylvia was a founding member of the PIR.org Advisory Council and has served the Internet community on a variety of selection and program committees (Premio Trayectoria - LACNIC; APRICOT fellowships; APNIC fellowships; Internet Society Community Grants and Beyond the Net programs; APrIGF program committee, ICANN CCWG new gTLD auction proceeds, among others). She has actively contributed to the IG discussions, at the national, regional and global level and to the strengthening of the NRIs presence at the global IGF.


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Vice-chair 2019-2021: Ms. Anju MANGAL | Mr. Fouad BAJWA | Mr. Aris IGNACIO | Ms. Mili SEMLANI