2015 APrIGF Elections

Candidate Profile

Chair Position (2015-2017)

Dr. Nikhil Agarwal

Title: CEO, Innovation Society, Government of Andhra Pradesh
Geographical Location: India
Stakeholder Group: Government

Dr Agarwal is involved in IGF since its formation. He has served as Chairman of ISOC Advisory Council from 2008-10 and High-level-Advisor to UNGAID from 2005-2011. He is pioneer member and ambassador of India & Middle East of World Entrepreneurship Forum (WEF). His work is extensively published around the world in leading newspaper and journals like Forbes, CNN Money, BBC Radio to name a few. Currently, he is serving as a senior government officer - CEO, Innovation Society, Government of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Professor Agarwal has lectured around the world on various issues of technology and society. He is graduate of University of Cambridge and University of Edinburgh in United Kingdom.


Other Candidates:

Mr. Paul Wilson | Mr. Arun Sukumar | Dr. Nikhil Agarwal | Mr. Anupam Agrawal